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Anyone have experience with Silent Reflux? Have you found it to be TMS?

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by MusicMan11, Jul 18, 2018.

  1. MusicMan11

    MusicMan11 Peer Supporter

    I recently saw an ENT and he said I might be suffering from "silent reflux"

    My symptoms are constant throat clearing, feeling of a lump in my throat and post-nasal drip, ear crackling/fullness.

    When I wake up in the morning I have this stomach churning feeling that wakes me up that feels like anxiety. Once I get up I get this awful cough/choking feeling and have to clear my throat.

    When the stomach churning goes away, I get head/sinus pressure, sometimes a headache, and the stress of it all sometimes causes a migraine.

    I've had an:

    MRI of brain - clear
    CT of neck - clear
    CT of abdomen/chest - clear
    Ears checked - clear
    CT of sinuses - waiting to hear back from

    I am like 95% convinced it's all TMS, so I have been working on using a bunch of tactics I've learned on here along with just "not caring" or not being scared, but wondered if anyone experienced anything similar?

    I have read Healing Back Pain & The Mindbody Prescription as well have been journaling/SEP and just ordered Claire Weekes' book Hope & Help For Your Nerves
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  2. ash86

    ash86 Peer Supporter

    I had this!!! I even went to the ER one night afraid the lump in my throat would block my breathing.

    The following day I went to a trusted ENT was told it was just reflux, and not cancer like I feared. And I stopped being afraid of it, a week later it was all gone. Haven't had a problem since. And prior to that I had the lump feeling for 3 months.
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  3. TrustIt

    TrustIt Well known member

    I have the stomach stuff too... also an anxiety type feeling... like i can feel my adrenal glands squeezing. Quite a strange sensation. With the nasal issue, I have to get up and clear my throat usually once during the night and do a neti pot first thing when i wake up in the morning. I know these things are tms and we can handle them. Reading the books and starting the course is what is needed and to not be concerned about how long it takes. Sharing our stories is very helpful to a point.

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