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Anyone else experience this ....

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by Jennyteddy, Jul 24, 2019.

  1. Jennyteddy

    Jennyteddy New Member

    Hello everyone, first I would like to ty all for the help I have received on this website. My chronic pelvic pain, and back, sciatica is well and truly under control so pleased. I would like to hear others feed back if they have experienced t.m.s. whilst driving, let me explain I was unable to drive due to pain and then as I got my head around everything I am back behind the steering wheel, no pain, just stupid thoughts jumping in my mind. I’m not a good enough driver, what if ........this happens that happens I’m now dealing with t.m.s. In another way, and yes I’m driving every day and a very competent driver but my brain tells me different.

    Love to all

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  2. HattieNC

    HattieNC Well known member

    Hi Jenny,

    It sounds like driving anxiety has replaced chronic pain. After I went through my chronic pain episode, I began having driving anxiety (especially in heavy traffic). I treat it the same way I do chronic pain, with self soothing. In the car, I self soothe with music or listening to podcasts. On Monday, I took a 4 hour road trip to visit friends. While driving, I started to develop anxiety because my hair clip wasn't allowing my head to rest comfortably against the headrest (weird, I know!) I started to have bizarre thoughts about how this was going to cause my upper back and neck to hurt, and would ruin the great day I had planned. Fortunately, I realized pretty quickly what was really happening...that I had fear around the traffic I was going encounter once I got into the city. I found a radio station that played the kind of music that I love, and I started to sing to the top of my lungs and began enjoying the pretty summer scenery. Pretty soon, I had completely forgot about my strange worries. I had a fantastic day even though the city traffic was a little dicey. Each time I started to obsess, I redirected my thoughts to something pleasant. I hope this helps!
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  3. JanAtheCPA

    JanAtheCPA Beloved Grand Eagle

    @Jennyteddy, I can't add anything to @HattieNC's wonderful advice except for the recommendation to read Hope And Help For Your Nerves, by the wonderful Claire Weekes. Written in 1969, this little book has probably saved tens of thousands of people from the irrationality of crippling anxiety, myself included. Anxiety, especially as it is affecting you, is just another form of TMS, but although Dr Weekes wrote this almost twenty years before doctor Sarno first published his theories, her advice is totally relevant.

    Don't let your fearful primitive brain trick you! You sound like a Success Story to me!
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  4. Jennyteddy

    Jennyteddy New Member

    Hi everyone,

    First ty for replying. @HattieNC ty soooooooo much and I agree with all you have written, and it was good to read so I can get my head around it. JanAtheCPA I have ordered the book you recommended. When I was in pain I was so wrapped up in that, driving was out of the question, now I’m back and feeling good, I want my life back. Oh my goodness going on the motorway my brain was having a ball what if ......you have an accident, your to stupid to be driving oh and it goes on and on .....but I carried on and realised I can conquer this other outburst of T.M.S.

    Huge hug ladies

    I’m on it and I am not going to let it control me

    Lots of love
    Jenny x
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  5. NicoleB34

    NicoleB34 Well known member

    i've had driving anxiety ever since i was 16 due to a car accident, and it's been a serious thing to overcome, and i'm still struggling with it. However, since having chronic pain, i've also developed cognitive issues (short term memory loss, quick thinking/acting has been affected) and for this reason, my driving confidence is a bit down. It's not like i have motor control issues behind the wheel, it's more my brain being forgetful and i'll occasionally forget which lane to be in, or i'll hit the wipers when trying to hit the blinker. Just dumb stuff like that, but it makes me less trusting of myself. I know for a fact that my chronic pain is affecting my brain.
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