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Day 28 Any advice on physically "overdoing" it?

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by Janine28, Apr 23, 2016.

  1. Janine28

    Janine28 Peer Supporter

    Inspired by my pre-dawn strolls, I decided to take the kids out to do a few errands today. I ended up on my feet for about 3 hours. It was amazing in the sense that I could actually do that. But later in the day a lot of the old familiar knee pain appeared. I've gotten into the habit of going directly to my emotions rather than ruminating on the pain. And it usually dissipates. Yet today, I couldn't help but to wonder, did I overdo things? Did I push too hard? The only emotion I seem to be able to touch is fear of pain itself. So I'm trying to stay with that. Any advice on how to work with TMS when the body part (where the pain has manifested) feels overused is much appreciated!
  2. mncjl123

    mncjl123 Peer Supporter

    It only makes sense as FEAR is the memory of PAIN! And, as long as we have PAIN, our mind will go to FEAR! I have it big time. But, I have experienced so much fear in my life. When we conquer TMS (and what a glorious day that will be) will our fears be gone? I hope so.

    I have an 92 year old aunt who fears nothing! And, she should being her age and the things she does. But, she has not had a painful life (physically or mentally) as I know of. Remarkable! Can we all be like her? Is there something in her that makes her not fear?
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  3. Gigi

    Gigi Well known member

    When I overdo, I tell my subC, "there is nothing structurally wrong. It's ok to feel tired, but pain is not acceptable."
    I was doing that this week, when I was in Houston for a convention. I walked at least twice what I normally do each day, but kept telling my subC to hold it together!
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  4. Janine28

    Janine28 Peer Supporter

    Thanks mncjl123! Those are wise words. Love hearing about your aunt. I wonder if there is something in our personalities that make it harder to overcome fear. My father-in-law is 94 and also seems so sturdy. He's also stubborn. I find I have a malleable personality and am so flexible. It's a positive trait for my interactions with others, but maybe it's shadow side is that I feel so sensitive to the tragedies of life.
  5. Janine28

    Janine28 Peer Supporter

    Thanks Gigi! This morning I told myself that there is nothing structurally wrong and went on my now daily walk through the forest. It was great and reaffirmed for me that I just gotta keep moving. I'll keep working on talking with my subC. Thanks for your helpful guidance!
  6. mncjl123

    mncjl123 Peer Supporter

    When we say there is nothing structurally wrong....does that mean we ignore bulging discs, etc??? Or for like your knee: chodromalacia or whatever diagnosis you were given?
  7. Sean

    Sean New Member

    One other point Ozanich made is that if it was not TMS then pain would increase with increased activity...so I u have increased activity without the corresponding increase I pain then TMS is the culprit...makes sense and provides enlightenment/hope
  8. Janine28

    Janine28 Peer Supporter

    After 2 MRIs and other tests, the orthopedist could not find anything actually structurally wrong with my knees. I was diagnosed with chondromalacia and I had swollen cartilage, but the joint, bones and cartilage itself looked healthy. So for 2 years, everyone was scratching their heads, with no understanding of what was going on. The PTs all decided that the way I walked and held my body was the culprit, and so everyone was trying to get me to line up better. No PT or exercises helped (and I was religious about going to PT and doing all the exercises to get my body to align better.) Even though there's chondromalacia and slight scoliosis, once I realized that I was reinforcing a pain cycle, I began walking again and ignore the messages that "something is wrong with me." I have read in various parts of this forum that bulging discs are not responsible for pain.
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