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Any advice about the sholder joint and TMS? Torn Labrum

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by Hamilton, Aug 1, 2014.

  1. Hamilton

    Hamilton New Member

    Does anyone have knowledge of the shoulder Labrum and its relationship to TMS? I have a small tear there. Surgeon said don't operate. strengthen the surrounding muscle and right shoulder blade. The Shoulder shows some improvement or at least promise. but the "twinge", where the Labrum resides, persists. Before the MRI they were calling it bursitis. Also the surgeon said I wasn't responding appropriately to the stress testing on the joint for a torn labrum diagnosis. I've had a cort inj into bursa and in or by a nerve that crosses over or something; no help. I'm already benefitting from low back relief due to the TMS program and Sarno's books. :) I've been working it but it's in my thoughts and that's likely the issue. I got lots of work to do. That I know.
  2. Cap'n Spanky

    Cap'n Spanky Well known member

    Hey Hamilton,

    Welcome!! Sorry, I'm not a healthcare professional, so I can't tell you about the shoulder Labrum's relationship to TMS. It certainly sounds like it could be TMS.

    Congrats on the improvement in your back pain!! Sounds like you're familiar with TMS. Here's what I wanted to share with you. I've had several conditions that were TMS and got 100% better by working the TMS program. They include lower back pain, tennis elbow, and a mild case of chronic fatigue. In each case, I had to make up my mind that they WERE TMS. My back pain got better, but my tennis elbow didn't until I became convinced that it was TMS. (I even had surgery that didn't help). And even though my back pain and tennis elbow were cured, my chronic fatigue didn't get better until I was 100% sure it was also TMS.

    So I guess what I'm saying is... if and when you decide that your shoulder Labrum pain IS TMS, you can definitely get better by doing all the things suggested around here. Sometimes it takes time to get to that point. I know it did me. Maybe you should continue to see your doctor until feel confident that your problem is not structural. Of course, most doctors will never tell you that. They usually just sort of give up and act like they can't do much to help you. That's when you can help yourself....

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  3. Sandrine

    Sandrine New Member

    Hey Hamilton,

    on page 99 of Dr. Marc Sophers book To Be or Not To Be... Pain-Free he notes, that a torn labrum is a common diagnosis for people with shoulder pain.

    I had surgery in 2010 because of a diagnosed bursitis, impingement and artritis and they told me, they also "polished" the labrum. I had NO improvement after the surgery and it took several month to heal and to get in the same state as before.

    Good luck to you and a rapid recovery! :)
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