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Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by Kylin Foster, Aug 4, 2017.

  1. Kylin Foster

    Kylin Foster Peer Supporter

    I've been having so much anxiety this summer. I keep getting anxiety about canker sores being Intororal herpes. Can canker sores be TMS. I've gotten so many this summer and I've been avoiding Sex because of it. All the ones I've tested tho have been negetive. I didn't get all tested but most
  2. ladyofthelake

    ladyofthelake Peer Supporter

    If the sores are those painful white ones inside your mouth, not on your lips they are not herpes.
    Canker sores, aka aphthous ulcers, are not contagious. I used to have these when stressed. So I guess that could be considered "tms". I've found I have way fewer if I use toothpaste without sodium laurel sulphate.
    Actually herpes sores of either type are highly associated with stress too and only appear in some people who are exposed to the HSV virus. So there is a big psychological component to those as well.
    Sounds like thinking about psychological causes/contributors to your ailments is the right track. I'd recommend stopping getting tests, that's just pursuing the physical distractraction.
    (I'm an advanced practice nurse so I didn't just look this up)
  3. Kylin Foster

    Kylin Foster Peer Supporter

    But my dr said herpes can sometimes be inside the mouth and look like canker sores but there not canker sores.
  4. ladyofthelake

    ladyofthelake Peer Supporter

    That would be very unusual and you have already tested and found out yours are not.
    I was just trying to provide accurate information that could help ease anxiety.
  5. Kylin Foster

    Kylin Foster Peer Supporter

    Thank you :)
  6. Ewok

    Ewok Peer Supporter

    I used to get them all the time and knew they were stress related. This was before I started getting pelvic pain. Since then I haven't had a single one... Looking back, very clearly TMS and stress related.

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