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Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by Boston Redsox, May 11, 2017.

  1. Boston Redsox

    Boston Redsox Well Known Member

    This as been a topic that as been disected in so many different ways...for me I have been going threw hell for years..as some might already know..a sick child, he fine now thx god a sick father died of cancer, a cheating wife , bad marriage ( just got divorced finalized) my main support system my brother moving to California very soon, my business of 26 years closing down, the fact I havent been on a job interview in all those years is freaking me out...I have been crying constanly my pain is threw the roof at times..

    I all most check myself in the physch ward 2 nights ago after a terrible anxiety attack, my pcp who is a tms dr and I love him gave me xanax and yes they help ...but my depression is brutal . My therpist set me up with the Shrink and said I need to get on a antidepressant ASAP..

    I have been getting worse and worse...no breathing ,walking in the sunshine is taking this away...if anything I dont know how I am able to still workout, run , swim whatever.

    But soon as I am home alone my depression takes me over ...any opions out there.

  2. Tennis Tom

    Tennis Tom Beloved Grand Eagle

    Sorry to hear about all that Marco, you mentioned a girlfriend before, is she still in the picture?
    I know it must be hard but attempt to meet-up with people. In fact there are "MEET-UP" groups for all different interest, maybe you can attend some. I would suggest you change the picture of you in your icon to something a little more user friendly. Church or religious groups? They are full of people with compassion wanting to help others. You have my number, feel free to call. With your professional job skills you shouldn't have any problems with employment, the long hot summer nears.
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  3. Boston Redsox

    Boston Redsox Well Known Member

    Hi TT

    going to give you a call this weekend I really would love to chat...those are all good ideas actually I thought of them myself ...yes the girl friend is still in picture don't see her much couple of times a week she has 2 kids she with most of the week...

    I was with a friend tonight which helped ...I am not going to beat myself up if I go back on a med I been suffering for to long and a human being can only take so much...

    I actually went on a couple of interviews and was offered both of the jobs today one job at a University that I might take.

    It's been a long tough rd and I am tired I need some help and I am going to try something..I need to break this long cycle of suffering it's not serving and purpose .
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  4. AC45

    AC45 Well known member

    Hi Marco,

    You have been such an active member of the Forum over this last year. We are greatful for your contributions to this community. We support you. You are not alone.

    Medication can help get you out of a rut. When you improve, you can taper off again like you did before. We TMSers like to beat ourselves up when what we really need to do is the opposite.

    I'd say that you need to acknowledge that you are having a difficult time. Have self compassion. Take care of yourself as best as you can. Most importantly, know that your TMS community is thinking of you and sending you healing thoughts.

    Thinking of you....Remember you are not alone,

    SKELLWOOD Newcomer

    Hi Marco,

    I have delt with depression and what i believe to be TMS has been right there by my miserable side. I came to hear about this research after walking out of a doctors office, telling myself i would never see one again, after being asked by the surgeon what i think he should do to get me out of pain. The last surgery and the countless epidurals gave me only temporary belief. Almost to tease me at the idea of a happy life. This experience led me to also reject antidepressants altogether. Not the physical effects they had but the idea that i needed them or that they would ever help. I;m not sure if this was accurate for me or that you should do the same. I only tell you this because it led me to do the research to find an alternative.
    I believe with all my heart that the cure to depression is as follows:

    I can't remember his name but a psychologist at Kansas University found a huge correlation in, the exponentially growing number of young adults with depression, and an omega-3 / omega-6 imbalance that we all suffer from the food available to us.

    Our grandparents consumed meat that came from grassfed livestock. With population growth and the introduction of corn based cattle feed the meat that we consume doesn't have nearly the omega-6 quantity as before.

    Daily taking the omega 6 states to balance you out. Because of the amount of omega - 6 ingested you need a daily vitamin to fight any toxins that may form because of the high quantity.

    Sunlight and exercise are what we need. Evolution has brought us here and it will be centuries before we evolve otherwise.

    A tribe of joyous and happy people living in a impoverished third world country can be seen in photos with a grin that reaches cheech to cheech.

    Many its cause of the fish sunlight and exercise :)

    It really worked for me. I hated the pills. do what your doc says but take the omega 3 with them. it wont hurt. Also, go out and take a walk. Try to get on the sunny side of the road, and for god sakes... smile. Because you sir are loved.


    PS. this is off the top my head. any documented facts or cites to the research would be great. If i missed something i had learned when adopted to practice i apologize!
    Last edited: May 12, 2017
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  6. Boston Redsox

    Boston Redsox Well Known Member

    Thank you bought for your supports and sugestions on this path I am on. To answer AC45 first you are 100% right I am beating the shit out of myself no doubt, been on this journey for awhile and I know...my main cause of my pain is my loneliness and self critism of being a failure in marriage ,work and so on...I need to forgive and let go of my past and think of a bright future...and believe me I am trying, doing....but and its a BIG BUT no pun inteneded lol. I have a blacket of darkness around me and I would call it what Steve O said in his book...my shadow self or what I call it my SHADOW DEMON..

    I try to make cracks in it to allow the light to shine on it, but soon as I do it closes...I have admitted to myself I have this side in me like we all do I have accepted its evil self but it will not let go of me...hence my pain...depression anxiety.


    I am huge fan of all natural and have been for ever ...with that said I eat clean organic .....ok I might have a pizza but its organic...dome the omega thing for years supplements you name...and just to say this..they are not without side effects...and some as bad as meds for me anyway.

    I continue to eat well and so on...only thing I take is B supplements and magnuiesum malate..and that only because my body is low on these..do to make tms I beleieve anyway. I dont take any pain meds they are useless anyway. I need help and I need to see a SHRINK ...I am done with Dr I am 1000% physically fine...its becoming very diffcult most days to face the world , my friends and family. I am done feeling this way I need to shake my etch a skectch and clear the board and start over...( STOLE THIS LINE FROM NICHOL SACHS). Love her talks but dont know how much I agree on her journal speak methods...there is only so many times we can write aboout or dark nasty thoughts...helpful to bring them to surface but really as not help me pain wise.

    Anyway thx you all ..
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