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Day 2 Angry and Sadness

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by BK ATL, Sep 30, 2021.

  1. BK ATL

    BK ATL Newcomer

    What makes me angry:

    · When things don’t go my way.

    · When people don’t listen to me, and I feel I am directing them the best way possible.

    · When people do things for me, and it is not up the “standard” of how I do things.

    · People make me feel that I “must” do something.

    · That lives are waisted on social media and electronics.

    What make me sad:

    · My dad died at 62 and my now 72-year-old mother lives alone a 12-hour drive from me. It saddens me that she is in a house by herself with no one around. She won't move near me and she doesn't like to travel.

    · That my sister and I are not close. Only sometimes do we connect, and it is rare.

    · It is sad to me that we spend our entire lives working and then don’t have much life left once we are done working.

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