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anal pressure / uncomfortable rawness after BM/ anxiety increases issues

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by nik123, Sep 7, 2017.

  1. nik123

    nik123 Newcomer

    hi guys, well where do i start i suppose at the beginning .

    begining of december 2016 i started getting a feeling of being backed up and full in my anus . this got worse and i felt like something was in my bum and i needed a bm even after i have already had one and i was diagnosed with potential internal hemaroids after an examination by my GP. i was sent away and told to change my diet and drink more water etc . on xmas day i was in extreme distress and coudnt get off the toilet as i had a constant feeling that i needed a BM and was constantly straining on the toilet as i was sure i needed to defecate. im not sure looking back if this was caused by anxiety over the fact that i was to be out that day at a relatives for the day for xmas dinner etc. the doctor said i had tesumus and given shriproct suppositries.

    i ended up in the new year at a a specialist colorectal surgeon and he confimred internal hemaroids (3) and told me to go away and if they hadnt gone in a few weeks to come back and he would do a sigmoidoscopy and band the roids.

    few weeks passed and no improvement so i went back in for the sigmoidoscopy and banding. this was at the end of feb 2017. he banded 3 hemaroids and i was in a lot of pain for a few hours after which then eased off. that first week after the banding every time i had a bm it felt extremely raw and uncomfortable but i put that down to the banding. i then had to go in for a colonoscopy as there where poloyps removed when i had my sigmoidoscopy and they needed to check for more. i asked the surgeon to check the banding scars where healing and looked ok as i was still having issues with the raw feeling of uncomfortableness after BM (not as bad as the week after the banding). he checked and said all looked ok . this was in march 2017.

    i am still having symptoms which i am going to list below :

    uncomfortable rawness after bm
    feeling of incompleteness after bm , almost like there is either some faeces still up there or something swolen up there
    my arse throbs
    my arse cheeks throb
    pressure build up in anus

    this gets worse when i get stressed or am anxious , like when i am due to go away and have to travel for a long time. i have no symptoms when i am asleep or when i wake up in the middle of the night to use the toilet etc , also having a warm bath seems to sooth things as well.

    i have seen another specialist and he performed another colonoscopy but says there is nothing wrong . just wondering if anyone here has had simlilar and knows what the problem is .
  2. Gigalos

    Gigalos Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi Nik,
    Reactions are scarce, maybe because there is a bit of a taboo surrounding this subject.

    Just out of interest, do you experience other symptoms in other parts of your body? That you don't experience them when you are basically unconscious points towards TMS, so I wonder if you have other TMS symptoms.

    I know a guy in its early 70's who experiences symptoms partly similar to yours. He describes it as having a little stick in his anus and he always feels he has to go, especially when he gets nervous. He suffers also from both stool that is either too hard or too liquidy. He had the polyposcopy (sorry, just made that up) and banding of some pretty big hemorrhoids. It gave him some relief, but it never went away substantially. He acknowledges that he is repressing a lot of sadness and rage about his son and father passing away, together with frustration about getting older, because he is gradually losing the ability to distract himself with alcohol, sex and partying. He also has lower back pain and insomnia.

    I myself only recognize a mild variant of what you describe. I had my share of hemorrhoids and a swollen anus, but it was strongly connected to my emotional status. I do recall that I had a similar thing with urination when I was younger. I kept sitting on the toilet because there was always a bit more pee after a while, I sometimes sat half an hour on the toilet, never quite finished because my kidneys kept producing urine of course. It was all mental in retrospect, there was nothing wrong really other than me focusing on peeing in anxiety.

    hope some of it helps

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