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Am I Mindfully Meditating Correctly?

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by The_Bibliophile, Aug 5, 2016.

  1. The_Bibliophile

    The_Bibliophile Newcomer

    Hello! I have been inveterately incorporating mindfulness meditation for 2 weeks. I must say that I haven’t felt this much equanimity in a long time, but I still feel that I may not being doing this correctly.

    For example: when I focus on my breath and when I get distracted by an image, thought, or emotion related to the traumatic event (that is the chief source of my TMS manifestations), I usually say in my mind: “I accept this event wholeheartedly. I cast no judgements to it, positive or negative. I just let it be. It’s just an event/memory. Objectively observe the emotion, thought, image and be mindful of it.” Now I don’t say those statements verbatim; I use more succinct statements, but you get the gist! I then return to the object of my meditation, the breath, and the cycle begins again.

    Is this the right way to mindfully meditate? Am I not supposed to internally “verbalize” my objective observations and mindfulness of the thought, emotion, etc.? Or do I just note the thought/emotion and then immediately go back to the breath?

    Also, one more question. I not only incorporate sitting meditation, but also walking meditation. When I do walking meditation, I usually focus on the tactile sensations of my feet hitting the ground rather than my breath. Because I am in a more “stimulating” environment (outside) I hear and see many things that bring thoughts and emotions as distractions. When I hear, for example, an airplane in my vicinity, can I label, objectively, the distraction as “I hear an airplane”? I usually label phenomena that distract me from my object of meditation on an objective basis.

    More examples:

    “I hear a dog barking”

    “I smell something putrid”

    “I feel pain on my neck

    “I’m feeling emotions right now”

    I would greatly appreciate if someone can elucidate on whether I’m doing this correctly or give me any tips on meditation. Also, I apologize in advance if this type of question has been asked a myriad of times. Thank you! ^_^
  2. alexisblairezielke

    alexisblairezielke New Member

    Being an observer is key. Noticing what is occurring or happening inside of you. The very act of labeling "thought, "image" etc. creates an atmosphere of allowance of what is. Whatever comes up is all right.

    Like the Rumi poem about grief and despair come knocking on our door and we great them with laughter and invite them in. Eventually you will not need to do this as whatever comes up will not draw you in. But for now labeling it gently allows you to return home.

    You are doing this correctly.

    Alexis B.Z.
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  3. alexisblairezielke

    alexisblairezielke New Member

    Let us know how it is going?
  4. plum

    plum Beloved Grand Eagle

    I often describe myself as an inveterate bibliophile so I do love your name.

    It sounds like you are doing this correctly and after a while you'll find you relax into a natural ease with the process. At first we play by the rules and within the lines and later we are able to let even these markers go and simply be.

    As a more kinaesthetic soul I translate mindfulness into the language of my body...sensuality. Pleasurable, present-moment awareness of my soft flesh passing through spacetime. My mind observes the motion and slows down beautifully.

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