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All the Rage Film All the Rage -Day 2 of Kickstarter

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by Caroline Rumur, Nov 13, 2014.

  1. Caroline Rumur

    Caroline Rumur Well known member

    Boom! We just reached our 100th Backer and 33% of our goal in less than 24 hours.

    You've done an amazing job of sharing the project, and your initial support has been rocket fuel as more people discover this project. Please keep it up! bit.ly/atrkick

    Some people unfamiliar with Dr. Sarno's work have been asking us "where is the science" to prove the theories. In many ways the wisdom that Dr. Sarno, and others like Dr. Gabor Mate (seen below), present is not dissimilar from what doctors and the general medical community understood in the past - that our emotions do affect our health. This film is meant to be an exploration of the ways in which the mind and body work together in ways that we've known about for centuries. Dr. Mate talks about re-discovering this science in the clip below.

    Thanks again for your support. bit.ly/atrkick
  2. Caroline Rumur

    Caroline Rumur Well known member

    I forgot to say! Please share this clip with others if you think it will help explain the theories in an easy to understand way!
  3. Day-Cee

    Day-Cee Peer Supporter

    I'm Proud to say that I'm now a Backer :)
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  4. Forest

    Forest Beloved Grand Eagle

    Bravo, @Day-Cee! Thanks for your support!
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