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All my symptoms and pain have fear as a common pattern

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by emporeon027, Dec 14, 2020.

  1. emporeon027

    emporeon027 New Member

    Hi. first at all, english its not my native language.

    Today its the day that i´ve finally learn that all my symptoms has in common the fear of geting them.

    Most of mine symptoms has complete gone, but not all of them, the ones that still remaind are Tinnytus that started a month ago and some clicking from the quervain symdrom in my right thumb.

    my symtomps were:

    Ulcers (gone)

    Frequem urination (this one was one of the hardest, it last almost two years, i beated it byt not been afraid of it anymore, before i was bad diagnosist with non bacterial prostatitis, i wasnt aware of the TMS concepts by that time btw)

    Upper back pain between the shoulder blades (It started after my father past await two years ago, and a month later that my frequem urination started to get down) It last some months.

    Lower back paint and some trigger points in the glutes (Lasted some weeks)

    Then i got severe neck pain that lasted with phisioterapy like six months, a little later i got foot and ankle pain, but my neck pain was gone for good at the same time. Then i got severe pain in my glutes and upper legs, i was told that i had piriforms symdrom in both sides, and lasted like almost (this year) four months of PT, with some in between upper back pain just when my lower glute pain gone for a wile. a little time before it complete gone i started to have some hand pain but most in the right tumb called the quervain symdrom.

    i have to say that i am digital artist, also i´m hipermovile but has never been a proble till now, but i was told that it could be the reason why i was injure myselft a lot i was a swimmer, i dont go to a pull anymore like from 5 years ago, for some personal reasons (i really want to go back now) i trained Hap Ki Do as well and never have a problem there.

    but most of those symptoms started as zoon as i was doing something to prevent it.

    My brother has a lot of issues as well it got tinnytus a year ago, i was a little afraid for any reason that i it could happen to me as well, a month ago after and anxiety attack i got it, i have to say that since some months ago every two weeks or something i got a hight pinch sound in the right ear that lasted like a couple of seconds, i was wondering if it could be some wax in my right ear.

    After that anxeity moment my ears started to ring, i could belived it, i was so afrait of it that in the end i got that symptom as well, i went to the doc and told me that i have som wax on it nothing serius, later doctor google told me that it could be sinus, and later i got some sinus pain and fever that lasted less than a day.

    i´ve just realiced to day that all those symtoms started when i was afraid of them or getting them.

    the only one that has lasted till now its that anoying ring that swicht between ears, some times its in my left one but dont last much and the right one, some times its gone but dont last much, if i have some severe pain in any part of my body it goes await, but i really need help with this one.

  2. Ellen

    Ellen Beloved Grand Eagle

    I get tinnitus from time to time. It usually happens because I read or hear of someone else having it. (though not right now, thank goodness) It is my most highly suggestive TMS symptom. But it's no different than any other symptom and should be treated the same way. Know it won't hurt you and explore what may be going on in your mind/emotions that could be generating the symptom.

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