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Day 1 All In?

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by Dayton, Apr 23, 2019.

  1. Dayton

    Dayton Newcomer

    I believe TMS is real. I know that I have the characteristics explained in the literature. I am committed to doing this work and following this process. But am I all in? I think so, I feel like I am. Time will tell.
    Late 30s, father of two, stressful job, angry at what I see in the world (especially these days 2019). Herniated disc, sciatica, relegated to bed and floor life.
  2. thmakled

    thmakled New Member

    Just read your story after you commented on my post. Yeah, our stories are really similar, right down to the lying in bed surrounded by TMS books, notebooks, and cannabis. For the past week, been journaling like crazy, reading articles and listening to audiobooks, moving through the structured ed program (holy hell suppressed emotions, stress-inducing personality traits...they're there). And you know what? While I'm still hurting, my med intake is way down. Journaling, reading, working on getting my cognitive brain on board with the belief that TMS is the cause of all of this seems to work better. My muscles are still tight and painful, but my fear is also way down. I'm bending over (slightly). I'm getting out of bed quickly. I had a bad day today, walked (hobbled) to work and felt nauseous with the pain, left at 11 AM and returned to bed...but I'm rebounding tonight.

    Sorry you're dealing with this mess, but I really believe we're on to something here. Keep us updated, good or bad news. I've found this community really supportive. Also the "Tension Myositis Syndrome" Facebook group.

    In strength,
  3. Andy Bayliss

    Andy Bayliss TMS Coach & Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi Dayton,

    Welcome to the SEP and the Forum and Wiki!

    Congratulations on accepting the diagnosis and engaging with this process. For most folks, this never happens, so you're way ahead already!

    I suggest that you try to be patient, steadfast, and accept with love what you learn about your life. We're all human, and we're all prone to TMS.

    I also recommend that you read success stories, about one per day, and don't read posts with a lot of troubles or questions unless they resonate with you. You want to grab and understand everything which supports your growing understanding and dispense with anything which does not support you. You can search the success stories with the tab up on the right.

    Be sure to post your progress or questions, often with a title which piques interest. If you don't get a response, and it is important to you, you can PM folks too.

    Many many people have come here and gotten better. I had many physicians ready to do surgery, which was not needed. I recovered my life using the strong mind which we all have!

    Andy B
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