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advise about muscle atrophy

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by calmandserene, Sep 17, 2017.

  1. calmandserene

    calmandserene New Member

    Has anybody else had muscle atrophy? I have severe muscle atrophy in my right quad, for the last year I have pretty much avoided using my right leg such as walking up stairs etc. I have just started some exercises to build my muscle back , will this take long to do?
  2. Click#7

    Click#7 Well known member

    I would search in this forum under atrophy. There have been people with foot drop that recover fully from TMS.
  3. karinabrown

    karinabrown Well known member


    Did they (mri or something ) tell you, you have atrophy or is it your thoughts because of being immobile for a long period ?
    I hardly could walk for two years and was confinced it would be extremely hard to build up strenght after that . Depends on what you could do before etc . Is it walking en climing stairs etc you want to do again there is one simple goal : start doing it. First months where hard for me. Build up slowly. Now one year later (although still some pain) strenght feels as before.
    . Bought me a fitbit : that helped to check for progress. Long walks where not a option for me : making more steps over the whole day : worked good to get stronger. I takes time and patience. But i can imagine its different for everone. Age, health etc.
    I was very pessimistic at the time if i would ever be able to get some strenght back. But this worked. So you can do it too !
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  4. calmandserene

    calmandserene New Member

    Thank you for replying. Yes i was told by my doctor i had muscle atrophy and its also obvious when you look at it. I have started to increase my activities which causes pain to return. I expected that. But some activities i dont have the strength to do. Such as getting up from a chair normally i push up with my hands on the side but with out my hands my leg has no strength. I have started going back to a physio temporarily to help build those muscles up so i can do those things again safely.
  5. karinabrown

    karinabrown Well known member

    Hi caldmandserene,

    I had atrophy shown in my back mri too. Legs etc no 'proof' only by look and just the fact that its normal to get some muscle lost with inactivity. Having said that : its also reversible and it goes quicker than you think (and slower than you want : )
    Its key to just slowly increase and not over do it. After couple of months i got results and was is very hopefull to experience. I really needed that. And i had pains and arches while doing it. Its important not to confuse that with 'new' painprobles just see them for what they are: just muscles that need to start doing their job. Stay in the goldy locks zone.
    Ofcourse you can ask a PT. But you can do it yourself too
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  6. calmandserene

    calmandserene New Member

    I get so hard on myself for letting my body get into this condition. And overwhelmed at the thought of the hard work need to return to full activity. The future pain scares me . But those thoughts are how i got to this condition. I had been going very well with learning about tms but now ive started to focus on the muscle wastage and the focus is back on my body again. Thank you for your encouraging words . I know i can do this

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