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Day 37 Advice please read ??

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by Saoirse, Jan 19, 2017.

  1. Saoirse

    Saoirse Peer Supporter

    Hi all I am facing a bit of a quandary .I broke my lower back in two places 21 years ago next week. I had 2 hairline L4&L5 Fractures that had to be stabilized and screwed together with 6 pedicular screws that are in forever.Now I know that all my other pain in back.legs and shoulder id TMS but I also know TMS Highlights my lower back as it knows its my worry about vulnerable area which I have been afraid and in pain 24/7 for so long.Last week just as I though I was making progress with the SEP my site pain from the accident L4/L5 kicked off in right royal style , stiffing up and the pain to move increased to the point I went back to the physio because I was afraid it may be my screws also the pain was intense. Then I also got excruciating pain in the front of my shoulder, nerve pain and could not lift my arm. This has happened before and my GP said repetitive strain and given cortisone injection, I am 100% this is TMS so am not buying that.The question I put to you is my physio who is a great guy big into mind body who believes in Mind generated pain and who has looked after me for over 13 years allowing me to work and behave like a person who is looking forward. Anyway he said the area of soft tissues surrounding the metal is locked and in spasm and I need to keep it moving for my backs health , my job is very physical and effects my broken area badly and he feels I need to do a stretching and weights class twice weekly to mobilize the area and to help keep my bones and tissue in the best condition.He is 100% with me is trying to reduce the pain and nerve damage meds and also questions how seriously painful areas like neck and thoracic pain can go away after a few days to reappear somewhere in the back a bit later.
    His worry is not soft tissue ,muscular its that the 2 fixed vertebrae and the 1 above and below are not acting like a single bone without movement and the small vertebrae need to more flexible.So I have to get that I have a broken back and I have screws fixing it , I know most of the pain is TMS but I know I need to be aware of looking after a real medical problem that was worked on and that I need to address. So I said to him is my back not to fragile to do weights and lifts and he said no its mechanically foxed it just needs to get worked and the wasted muscles woken up, I am afraid but wanht to do it. Is it OK??? to do this Iam confused as sarno says no to treatment but I know he is talking about non surgically treated areas? do you guys think it ok to give it a go?
  2. MindBodyPT

    MindBodyPT Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi Saoirse!

    As a fellow PT I think your physiotherapist has the right idea. Glad he's down with the mind body concepts! Those screws were put in many years ago and your vertebrae should be well healed. It sounds like you're getting TMS pain in the area of the old injury (very common per Sarno). This makes sense that the area around the screws would be in spasm...muscle pain/spasm is often the source of TMS pain! There is no reason your back would be "too fragile" for weights or stretching. Focus on TMS therapy techniques to decrease the pain, and take your therapist's advice to go to a weights and stretching class to strengthen your muscles overall and be fit/strong for your job. Sarno would probably say the same thing for an area of an old surgery that has fully healed. Hope that helped and let me know if you have questions!
  3. Brant

    Brant Peer Supporter

    hi Saorise ... I also have pedicular screws in for a long time but still believe pain in that area is good old TMS playing its mind games. My pain was moving around my body a lot doing the SEP program, so very tricky it is. I'm no physiotherapist but don't think of the classes as outside the norm or non Sarno, its just you getting on with your life and being active! Keep the faith. all the best ... B
  4. Saoirse

    Saoirse Peer Supporter

    Thanks Guys I am not in a good way at the moment but I am flying to work in London on Monday and Its a big deal and I am staying with friends going outside my comfort zone with Pain and major anxiety its a big deal and I think the TMS has been opportunistic and is trying to get me to not go so I am in a lot of pain and high level of constant anxiety but I am going and that the end of it.l

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