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Day 5 Advice needed

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by Jojo61, May 31, 2015.

  1. Jojo61

    Jojo61 Peer Supporter

    Day 5:
    Think of some activities you really enjoy doing. If you could do one of these activities without feeling stressed out, without having anxiety, and without worrying about your family, kids, job, etc. how would that feel? Why do you not do this activity more often? What steps could you take to do this activity stress free and without worrying about other things? Do this activity this week.

    I have a hard time with this. For one it's hard just to think of a fun activity that involves really using my arms (I've had chronic arm pain for 4,5 years now). I just don't remember life before this and I've never been a really active person. That's why I had a hard time writing down activies on the commitment form on day 2 too.

    I would like to be able to vacuum the whole house and iron a whole load of laundry in one go but they're not my favorite activities :)....

    The other thing is. I have a 2 month old daughter. I am the only one who takes care of her during the day. My husband works fulltime and I do have some other relatives nearby but they are to busy with their own lives to help out. I will keep working the program as well as I can but I do have to be able to take care of her. What I mean is my pain has become managable over the years, I can take care of her on my own right now. I'm scared that my pain will get worse as I'm working on my repressed emotions and taking on more physical activities... what if I can't take care of her... what in the world do I do then. I realize this fear probably feeds my pain but I just don't have a practical solution for it.
  2. Walt Oleksy

    Walt Oleksy Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi, Jojo. I am really sorry your pain is limiting you from activities around the house, but you need to stop worrying that the worst is
    going to happen. In TMS it's called "catastrophizing." Most of us do it or have done it. It's one of the psychological pains our subconscious
    sends us. The solution is to discover the repressed emotions causing your pain. If writing hurts, maybe try journaling to yourself, either talking to ypurself or silently thinking about your past and any stressful situations.

    Fear will only keep the pain coming. Positive thinking that TMS is causing your pain is essential in healing.

    Keep trying to do the normal activities. Little by little you will be able to do them without pain.

    Keep your little girl occupied with coloring books, paper dolls, watching good television for kids such as the shows on the Public Broadcasting Station.

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