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Advice for Conditioning - Migraines

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by Ines, Jul 7, 2017.

  1. Ines

    Ines Well known member


    Does anyone have any advice for me in regards to a conditioned response and migraines around fluctuating hormones and menstruation?
    I used to track my periods on a calendar and pay attention to when my hormones would fluctuate. That would trigger migraines for me. I don't do that any more and I don't pay attention to it at all. I still get migraines around ovulation and menstruation though. It's really hard to break away from this conditioned pattern. I remind myself all the time that billions of women can have a period without a headache but they still seem to come. This year only once did I go through the month without migraines so I know it's possible but it's really bringing me down. Any advice?

  2. Ellen

    Ellen Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi Ines,

    I used to get migraines when the barometric pressure changed. After researching this, I learned that while we can feel these changes in barometric pressure in the body, there is no rational reason for this to cause a migraine. So I was convinced it was pure conditioning. So then whenever I would feel the beginning twinges of a migraine coming on due to pressure changes, I talked to my brain. These are the words that worked for me: "Stop it brain! There is no reason why a change in barometric pressure should cause a headache. I don't need a distraction, as I'm willing to look at all my emotions and feel my feelings. So just knock it off!" It worked everytime. Now I don't even get the twinges, so I don't need to do it.

    Everyone needs to fine the words and tone that work best for them. It still amazes me that this approach works. It's so simple. But I think the first and most important step is convincing yourself that it is really due to conditioning, and that hormonal changes don't cause migraines. You need to believe that.
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  3. Bodhigirl

    Bodhigirl Well known member

    I gave in this morning and saw a functional chiropractor who specializes in migraines. I had my fourth aura in the past two weeks, right after yoga and meditation, was feeling calm and happy, getting ready to go and ride and there went my vision - POP! I had a very parental, firm talk with my TMS and told it I would feel ANY feeling necessary, have any insight necessary, to stop this right now. No dice.
    I went online and looked up local chiropractors who specialized in migraine. I called one; he answered the phone (Yom Kippur, he was getting some paperwork done early) and I asked him about migraines. I liked his answer. I trust the spiritual bulletin board of the internet. Call me crazy. It's okay. I believe in synchronicity, for the most part.

    Still, stubborn TMSer that I am, I got in the car and was going to drive to the barn and ride ANYWAY. Bright sun, who cares, right? Well, just before the freeway, I called the chiro back and asked if he could see me right away. He said yes but warned me he was really in a 'day off' and hadn't dressed for the office. I said I was in riding clothes, no big deal.
    I went in. We did my history of head and neck trauma, he examined me and then did a treatment unlike any I had had before. No cracking of the neck. He acknowledged easily that TMS and what he saw were compatible, that my brain was literally not getting enough oxygen to the left side of my neck.
    I am sore now but I don't feel sick. I feel like we would do a few sessions and get my body re-aligned and re-informed as to how to be healthy and then the migraines will slow down. I have had a lot of head trauma, a broken nose, this is the stuff of real complications as we know from seeing the NFL come to terms with head injuries. I have had more than five major head trauma events, which is why this forum suggests we see a real doctor for a diagnosis. Not everything is TMS every time. (-: It's up to us to live in the mystery, yes?
    I normally wouldn't do anything about these auras... but in women over 45 with auras, there is a greater chance of stroke and I really don't want to be a stroke survivor/victim. I'm a yogi/equestrian/athlete and TMS has never stopped me. These auras are my body telling me to get it some help. I believe that.
    I just needed to write this out and share it. I don't talk about this to most people I know. You are my people for TMS and we know what we know. I don't need to recruit my sad/angry girlfriends with chronic pain (-:
    They'll get here when they get here. Maybe.
    I'm so grateful you are here. And recovering from this ball of tension we have been.
    Palms together,
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  4. Ines

    Ines Well known member

    Hey, people on here will bash chiros and acupuncturists but it does make you feel better. It does release the tension. I don't think it cures it but if it makes you feel better then why not?
    There was a thread on here bashing acupuncture once and I really wanted to respond but I didn't . I have a really interesting experience with acupuncture. When my migraines started 6 and a half years ago I started seeing an acupuncturist that was recommended by someone from work. I was 8 months into having a constant migraine. I didn't know anything about it, anything about diet, herbs, or mindbody. I saw her twice a week for a long time, then went once a week. She was very educated and had a lot of experience. She talked to me for up to 20 min. sometimes. She really approached healing from a mind body point of view. I didn't know any of that at the time though. I was young and troubled and in pain but I think she knew she had to dig something out of me.
    Well.. she'd talk to me, then treat me with needles, close the door and leave me for 20-30 min. As soon as she'd shut the door tears would fall out of my eyes. Uncontrollably. I didn't know why but they would just keep falling and falling and it's like it just had to get out.
    After a few months I started to deal with some problems I had been pushing down with a certain person. It's like the acupuncture made my feelings come up. Things I would never had dealt with but after a while I couldn't deny it. How do you explain that? It was definitely part of my evidence sheet when I started the TMS approach.
    I think when people have bad experiences with chiropractors or acupuncturists they must have gone to bad ones. The ones I went to helped me so much. It didn't heal me but there is something mysteriously helpful about them.
    I'm glad you're taking care of yourself. Thanks for your thoughtful reply.
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  5. Bodhigirl

    Bodhigirl Well known member

    Thanks for sharing your story with me. I agree that holistic practitioners spend the time with us that helps us feel understood, which is a HUGE tension reliever. I once had an acupuncturist say that the most healing aspects of her art where listening and leaving me in a dark room for 45 minutes, which created enforced relaxation. (-:
    I've known dozens of wonderful practitioners. I will never stop getting massage, I will always have TMS, it's a one day at a time healing process with some lovely surprises.
    Again, thanks!
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