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Adductor & Glute Tension

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by Bpopik, Feb 27, 2021.

  1. Bpopik

    Bpopik New Member

    Hi all. Looking for some insight. I’m fairly new to the forum but not TMS. Let me start by saying I have suffered from health anxiety since I was in my teens and have every single personality trait associated with those prone to TMS. I had a shoulder injury about 10 years ago while pitching fastball. The first time TMS reared its ugly head for me. Fortunately after discovering Dr. Sarno’s The Mind Body Prescription I overcame my shoulder issue. Fast forward to January 2020. After an unbelievable year of stress in 2019, taking over my Dads company, family issues, Etc etc. Started having tension in the left adductor muscle inside the leg pretty much out of the blue. Lifting my left leg cause pull and discomfort inside the groin. This tension also moved into left glute, hamstring and also low back. Had a meltdown in summer of 2020 brought on by health anxiety due to the tension. In May, I saw 2 sports medicine physicians, and my GP. Had complete blood work as well as MRI of SI joints and groin which all came back clean. My GP seemed pretty convinced it was stress related. Been reading Sarno again and also forums but can’t seem to find any body matching my symptoms. Not excruciating pain per se, just tension and discomfort. As well there is a cold rush sensation down the leg and glute from time to time which I think is nerve related. Also twitching of muscles off and on in both glutes and legs and if I’m not paying attention hips clamp up and have to consciously relax them. Also the location is pretty consistent over the last year. Maybe only shifts prominence from left glute to hip to adductor but all left side. Just wondering if any body else has experienced anything similar. I want to believe it’s TMS but can’t help doubting from time to time. Appreciate any input
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  2. jimmylaw9

    jimmylaw9 Peer Supporter

    Certain it’s TMS. I have right glute pain burning feet and twitching muscles. Stressful year of life so far. I notice the pain intensifies as the stress does. Opened up recently acknowledging it all and the levels of stress have subsided so has the pain. I mean how can I wake up with two feet burning on fire then 20 mins later they are fine. In my mind I have been dreaming unconsciously about stressful stuff which has caused the symptom and when I woke up n became aware of it it stopped.

    It is hard to work through the pain but you gotta do it. It’s the only way you’ll know. I find when I do that it brings me to tears but then I feel better for a while. If it is TMS which it certainly sounds like it it’s there to stop you doing and thinking and being!
  3. Bpopik

    Bpopik New Member

    Thanks for the reply. Yes it’s very difficult for me to remove the stress from my life. The pandemic, highly stressful job, day to day life and worrying about my hip glute tension (though I try not too), takes a toll. I have been trying to set aside 20 mins a few times a week to meditate and that was seeming to help calm me down a bit before this last flare up. I am a catastraphizer though. If my wife calls me at work I’m expecting bad news before I pick up the phone. I know it’s crazy but I’ve unconsciously trained myself to think that way. Also I find I’m very emotional in the last year. Crying often for seemingly no reason. The tension on my lower left is pretty much constant but yes I would say it varies in intensity in relation to my stress level. I’m fed up with this issue, though I have to admit I find myself constantly monitoring it. I am working to get past that and trying to just accept the tension/discomfort and carry on as normal but it’s so difficult.
  4. jimmylaw9

    jimmylaw9 Peer Supporter

    That last sentence is where the cure is for my part. Accepting the discomfort and carry on. I believed i was doing this but every time it got sore i was giving up because of the pain. Exactly what it wants you to do and focus on. Just this week i have been trying to power through the pain for as much as i can. Getting stuff done helped my mindset. The stress will never go but you definitely can change your reaction to things.

    I manage some properties that can be a challenge and i found myself getting to triggered by some of the recent issues that just did not seem to be able to rectify in the normal manner. I then found my pain levels increasing as well, no surprise. I am now conscious and present more often to catch these moments rather than heading off catastrophising.

    Its the hardest thing but regardless of all else if you can work past the pain thats what seems to be the answer for most people that don't miraculously get the book cure day 1.

    You've got the knowledge obviously and you cured before but perhaps less anxious back then. It really sounds like you just need to do the actual hard work which is powering through. If you haven't read them hop over to user baseball posts. I might not be for everyone but its the perfect kick up the arse i need any time i start faltering.
  5. Bpopik

    Bpopik New Member

    All great advice! Today my left leg is tensed up and tingling. Gonna power through and carry on

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