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acute sinusitis

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by Pietro Carloni, Jul 4, 2019.

  1. Pietro Carloni

    Pietro Carloni Peer Supporter

    Goodmorning everyone,
    for about a month I felt a frontal headache, light but persistent over time. At first I thought it was a tension-type headache, but since it wasn't going away I thought it appropriate to investigate. So I went to an otolaryngologist who prescribed a tac with a certain urgency. The report speaks of a paranasal sinus infection. Treatment involves taking antibiotics and corticosteroids in massive form.

    From what I learned during this period I believe that stress and work and family tensions have led to a lowering of the immune system and what was a simple inflammation has transformed into a true infection.
    That said, I decided to take the indicated therapy, the pain is so strong.

    How would you have behaved in these circumstances? Personally I initially underestimated the problem trying to convince myself that it was just emotional tension, but when the pain was unbearable I chose to resort to drugs.
    I recognize that I am going through a very difficult period: economic problems; my wife has lost her job, my job is very demanding, we have two children and we are far from relatives.

    Normally, everything turns in a dynamic balance, but it takes very little to change these balances.
    In my case it was enough that our babysitter found another job and that I spent a very stressful work week to incredibly raise the level of stress. What I am thinking about is the fact that tensions can set the stage for these problems which, when started, require an allopathic treatment to be eradicated because the psycho-therapeutic approach is not sufficient.
  2. Pietro Carloni

    Pietro Carloni Peer Supporter

    here we are again. After months of great progress, despite some unpleasant episodes (cervical and flu symptoms), I can say that the last few months have been positive (some symptoms emerged from time to time, but nothing that could not be resolved with the methodologies indicated in the program). When a violent migraine broke out today at work after a slight cold. The doctor says sinusitis (which is why I take this July post again). The fact is that just yesterday I had a discussion with my boss at work and the migraine exploded just as I was talking to him today. Now my mind is confused, agitated and depressed. My instinct tells me that everything is due to sinusitis, but deep down I suspect that it is always the same dynamic. Yet I can not help but worry, I am worried that I cannot bear the pain that came out very strong and I can not calm down and I do not want, once again, to use antibiotics and steroids that have been indicated to me. I don't want to lose this battle which, deep down in my heart, I know was caused by all this anger I have in the workplace. But the pain makes me feel bad, I can't relate to my children, to my family, and this makes me suffer, because it is through love that lately I seem to have cultivated a part of me that makes me feel good and makes me happy to live. I am looking for some suggestions, some comfort in you, that have become my virtual family. Hugs to all

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