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Acid Reflux

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by SebastianM, Apr 26, 2017.

  1. SebastianM

    SebastianM Peer Supporter

    Hi everyone,

    does anyone of you have experiences with acid reflux? This symptom was the first one in my "pain history" and is one of the most distracting ones.

    At the moment I have a very stressful episode in my life. I recognize one big conflict in my mind. I am at the moment fueled with panic when I think about it and I am not able to relax. I think this is the reason for the acid reflux flare up. All other symptoms are gone at the moment. In the last few weeks the symptom imperative did his work and I laughed at all pain. I just ignored it and moved on, always thinking psychologically. But acid reflux is not that easy to ignore. My gullet, my vocal cords and my teethridge get damaged. Since 4 weeks I am completely living without medicine which blocks gastric acid. I was even able to drink alcohol (not much but one or two drinks were okay without a big flare up).

    Now the pain level reached a point, where I think about taking medicine again till the conflict is solved. I know that I am able to solve it on my own but the process needs time. Do you have an advice for me? I really do not want to take medicine again. It feels so good to be free from these destructive drugs.

    There are a few thread which deal with the topic acid reflux.. Sarno and other authors see acid reflux as a TMS symptom. I see a clear connection between my stressful situation and the acid reflux but I am not completely convinced. This could be the reason why acid reflux works so good as a distraction of my inner conflict.

    I am grateful for every story, experince, advice and so on :).

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  2. Stella

    Stella Well known member

    Hi Sebastin,
    I had acid reflux for many years and used many different treatments from taking pills and drinking vinegar. When I started the TMSwiki program I came to believe it was just another one of my many physical symptoms related to repressed rage, fear of rejection, fear of not being good enough, fear of making a mistake, etc.

    It took me awhile to get to the point of believing with "100%" that it was another symptom. I have absolutely no doubt that it is TMS. When I get stressed, and fear and anger are building up it is one of a number of symptoms that I have. I squeeze my ribs and chest inside of me telling the reflux to get the hell out of my gut/body. Within in a few minutes I will get a wonderful big bulch. Just did as a matter of fact as I continue to deal with stresses in my life.

    I drink coffee and alcohol. I eat fatty and spicy food because I know the symptom is coming from my mind and has nothing to do with what I eat or drink. You can do it.
  3. Tennis Tom

    Tennis Tom Beloved Grand Eagle

    There's the key, you have to believe it consciously first for it to sink into the reluctant sub-c.

    "Pity me that the heart is slow to learn. What the swift mind beholds at ever turn." : Edna St. Vincent Millay, by way of Dr. Sarno
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  4. balto

    balto Beloved Grand Eagle

    this is exactly how I cure my AR.
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  5. kld03c

    kld03c Peer Supporter

    I also have acid reflux issues and certainly think it can be worked as TMS. I also don't think that there's anything wrong though with taking medication while going through a temporary stressful time. Self-care is important.
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  6. Wendyc

    Wendyc Peer Supporter

    Agh I totally am going through some very stressful times and my acid reflux is there, costochondritis and ibs .. they like to visit together I can't even tell the difference from my Costo and my Acid reflux.. and of course anxiety has been around. I'm desperately trying to get back on track
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  7. SebastianM

    SebastianM Peer Supporter

    That is amazing. When I read these words I felt a relief and hope in my body. Thank you very much!

    Since thursday I deal with my inner conflict and could reach a big relief of inner tension. The acid reflux is much better but the symptom imperative is working.. But I realize once again that thinking psychologically is the only way to get a relief of pain and inner tension :).

    You are again and again exatly right.. The combination of trust, outcome independence and dealing with psychological problems is the way.

    I agree with you kld03c. But I recognize that stopping taking meds is very stressfull and requires much energy. I do not want to give my brain the imagination that I am dependent on meds.
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  8. Tennis Tom

    Tennis Tom Beloved Grand Eagle

    I don't think that's always true. I REALLY don't like thinking/being "dependent" on a pill, but sometimes in life the white-coats get it right and for a short term they will help. For every med there is a weaning off method where you progressively decrease the dose so you don't shock your system--once less thing to worry about, be fearful of and be a TMS distraction from the real issues the sub-c is trying to protect us from.
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  9. Thelauriebelle1

    Thelauriebelle1 Peer Supporter

    Hi...I am going through this right now and was wondering if ya'll could give me some advice. I have cured many things with the TMS protocol but this GERD and IBS are being relentless this time.
  10. lexylucy

    lexylucy Well known member

    I think affirmations may be good for you:

    "I am safe."
    "I move through life with ease at any age"
    "All my needs are always taken care of"
    "I stand straight and tall with love"
    " I lovingly protect myself with thoughts of joy and peace"

    Louise Hay has some great ones. In the book All is Well I think there are specific affirmations for acid reflux.

  11. SebastianM

    SebastianM Peer Supporter

    Hi Lauriebelle,

    I had a private conversation with @Stella and I cannot really explain what she did but reading about her experience concerning TMS and acid reflux was kind of medicine for me. It tightened my believe and my hope.

    In my case, the reflux is still there, sometimes more sometimes less. In the last 4 weeks it was quite good. I was able to eat icecream and chocolate, drink espresso and alcohol. I did not eat or drink much of these things but I did it. And that is the point. I did it without taking care what will be the result --> Outcome indepence is the key :). And the result was: sometimes it was okay, sometimes I had a little burning. But it was okay. I enjoy(ed) it and it feels great.

    What is your experience with TMS and acid reflux? Are you having problems to believe that it is TMS? Feel free to ask whatever you would like to. Reading success stories and talking about thoughts concerning symptoms are another important thing for me to tighten my believe and my conviction.

  12. Ali.D

    Ali.D New Member

    Hi everyone.
    I'm a new member with silent reflux (LPR) for the last year and a bit. For several months I've been 98% confident it's TMS and worked hard at it, but my symptoms haven't really reduced. It's comforting (yet unfortunate) to see lots of other people dealing with TMS reflux. It's a tough one. I tried dieting for a while but have found my diet seems to makes no difference (as you'd expect from TMS). Is everyone talking about traditional reflux, like with belches and heart burn, or the LPR type that more irritates your throat area? So far it seems the former type is far more popular.
  13. Betsy4ever

    Betsy4ever New Member

    Hi Sebastin, you are certainly on the right track. When i have the acid reflux situation,TMS rescues me coupled with some medicines. Before that i never realize how significantly positive attitude contributes in betterment of situation.
  14. Thelauriebelle1

    Thelauriebelle1 Peer Supporter

    The heartburn I can deal with, it's these weird flutters/palpitations that come along with it. I've never had this before. It feels like gas thumps in my esophagus. I thought it was maybe my heart but I went to ER and EKG, blood work, and chest xray were normal. Does anyone know what I'm talking about. I feel like if I had some reassurance I could believe otherwise.
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  15. Tennis Tom

    Tennis Tom Beloved Grand Eagle

    There's your REASSURANCE ! Modern medicine is really good at finding structural problems--even if they are normal anomalies.

    Why are you not elated that they found nothing wrong with you? Once you've had a medical work-up and NOTHING structural has been found to be amiss, you are free to follow the TMS protocol.

    Keep reading the TMS books until they sink in.

    Or you can keep going back to the ER and eventually they will maybe tell you it's stress related--ergo TMS.

    Or, see a TMS doctor.
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  16. Guseman

    Guseman Peer Supporter

    Hi Lauriebell,

    When I first developed TMS and panic disorder, this was one of my big big symptoms. I'm having it again, but this time its more chest pain than the flutters. But I recently went back to my old anxiety notebook (where I wrote down my symptoms when I was having them to work through panic/pain), and I had exactly what you're describing. Sometimes it would be gassy fluttering, sometimes it would be that yucky, deep, heart-skipping-a-beat feeling and would happen multiple times in a row, and I was sure it was something with my heart. Sometimes my heart rate would increase too much with the acid reflux, and just once it started skipping around all over the place. But nothing was ever wrong with my heart (EKG, bloodwork, everything always normal). I think the hard thumps (I still get them occasionally) might also be esophageal spasms, which are also a TMS symptom.

    Anyway, it does go away. It takes time, but it lessens. And every time that stuff pops up again, I know what it is. TMS snuck up on my recently because it took the form of a symptom I hadn't had in a long time, but I'm working through that now!

    Best wishes!
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  17. Thelauriebelle1

    Thelauriebelle1 Peer Supporter

    Guseman thank you so much! Finally someone that understands! They are already lessening. It is so hard to get out of the fear even though it seems so real. You'd think I could get past it easier since I already went through this with the IC. Thanks you all for the replies! This forum has been a life saver!!
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  18. Guseman

    Guseman Peer Supporter


    I'm so glad I could help! Mine is coming back in slightly new ways lately too (or at least symptoms I hadn't remembered as well). And it's just as hard it harder to recognize it the second time. I guess that's why our brains choose these symptoms, because they know it'll work! So frustrating though!

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