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Acid Reflux - TMS?

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by sewmuch, Jan 16, 2014.

  1. sewmuch

    sewmuch Member

    I have not posted in a long time, probably 2 years. After suffering from a variety of symptoms, working through "Unlearn Your Pain" and eliminating some foods for which I tested allergy positive, I have felt great and have been back to activity and a pain free life.

    However in the last 8 weeks I have been suffering with chronic cough and laryngitis, following a round of bronchitis and antibiotics. I have been told this is acid reflux, to take medication, and make lifestyle changes, although I don't have many of the risk factors. The medication has made me sick, and the substitute has also made me sick. I don't smoke, drink sodas or caffeine, and am not overweight, actually underweight. I was also told to raise the head of the bed and not eat a couple of hours before bedtime.

    I have been reading a little and it sounds like the cause is the lower esophageal sphinter muscle is not functioning properly. Most medications and treatments are aimed at lowering the stomach acid, which seems ineffective and actually counterproductive. What I am wondering is since the LES muscle is involuntary and it is not functioning properly, could this be related to the autonomic system and related to tension?

    Anyone have any thoughts or have had acid reflux?

  2. honeybear424

    honeybear424 Well known member

    I was just listening to these again today and he mentions Acid Reflux as a TMS equivalent. I thought of a friend of mine who told me several years ago that she has it all the time and that the "little purple pills" are her best friends. (Can't remember the name of the over-the-counter medication that she takes, but I've seen it sold in big boxes at Costco.)

    ETA: Around minute 13 in the first one is one place it is mentioned.

    Steve Ozanich also lists it in his book, The Great Pain Deception, as an equivalent.
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  3. Walt Oleksy (RIP 2021)

    Walt Oleksy (RIP 2021) Beloved Grand Eagle

    Steve says on page 259 of his book that "If you have constant heartburn, you're under stress.
    You aren't suffering from acid reflux disease." He says medicati0n just covers up the symptom,
    it doesn't remove it. So it's the old story of TMS. Taking any medication may give temporary
    pain relief, but doesn't stop it for good.

    Thanks for posting the Sarno videos. He really explains TMS so well!
  4. Ellen

    Ellen Beloved Grand Eagle

    Thanks for posting the Sarno interviews. I hadn't heard these before. It's always reassuring to hear "the Good Doctor".
  5. sewmuch

    sewmuch Member

    Thanks for the replies and Walt, thanks for the quote. I know stress can be a factor and I have been under a bit for the last 5 months. Time to pay attention to the psychological not the physical as Sarno says.
  6. fridaynotes

    fridaynotes Well known member

    i have suffered from TMS related issues off and on for a lifetime and as one issue goes away another pops up.
    what i'm really dealing with now is acid reflux and GI issues and i agree- that if the lower esophogal sphincter (which controls acid entering into the esophogus) is regulated by the automatic nervous system then it must be regulated by the unconscious mind therefore susceptible to TMS influence.
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  7. TeriL

    TeriL New Member

    Friday Notes: wondering now that you have Reflux, if the other symptoms went away? This happened to me after all my other pains went away (back, elbow, hip, feet, shoulder) then it went to non-ulcer pepsia which is what the doctors called it when he didn't see anything with the endoscopy test.
  8. fridaynotes

    fridaynotes Well known member

    hi teri-
    pretty much all of my TMS issues have resolved themselves except for teeth grinding and acid reflux. the acid reflux only being about 3 months old.
    for the first time i am going to begin seeing a therapist to get into the nitty gritty of my psychology so hopefully this is the last stop on the TMS train.
  9. TeriL

    TeriL New Member

    Fridaynotes: Good luck to you. It's good that you are getting to the psychology stuff early on. The sooner the better I believe so the reflux symptoms don't get too far planted in your mind.

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