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Acid Reflux/Irritated Esophagus/cough

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by adam88, Jun 23, 2017.

  1. adam88

    adam88 Newcomer

    Over the past 6 or 8 months I have had a bizarre range of moving symptoms...odd nerve pains in my back that went away, cold/tingly pain in my foot that went away, muscle twitching that is now under control, shoulder blade pain, jaw pain. It always goes away, and all medical tests have been negative.

    My most recent symptom has been a cough. Basically whenever I breathe, my lower throat (right above my clavicle) feels irritated and almost cold, like a menthol type feeling. It just feels annoyed and I have to cough or clear my throat. It is worse after eating. My chest xray was clear, and I believe it is acid reflux related. Like all my symptom, this symptom appeared right after my previous symptoms left. I think it may be TMS related.

    Anyone have a similar experience?
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  2. FredAmir

    FredAmir Well known member

    For acid reflux try the following:

    1. Avoid carbs for a few days as much as you can.
    2. Take 2-3 ounces of aloe vera juice. Try Lily of Desert brand. They also have a stomach formula.
    3. Place some yoga blocks under your mattress to keep the acid flowing south.
    4. Add lime juice or sprinkle apple cider vinegar on your meal for better digestion.
    5. Taking good probiotics and digestive enzymes can help too.

    If you plan to do just one of the above, do the aloe vera.

    Take care,
  3. thecomputer

    thecomputer Well known member

    Hi Adam

    Sorry to hear about your struggle. I have not had a chronic cough, but had chronic problems with my voice and throat, and I do cough more than I used to as a result. You can look at my other posts if you want to read more about my story.

    When my problem first started I was certain it was Reflux from everything I read. Everything you read online to do with chronic coughs and sore throats says its reflux. In fact it seems that Reflux gets blamed for a whole plethora of problems. Needless to say I got obsessed as is my nature. I started doing everything 'right'. I ate small amounts and chewed until everything was liquified, I raised the head of my bed, took gaviscon, I chewed gum, avoided acidy foods. Nothing changed.

    When I got back home I emailed a leading professor of reflux related problems, and explained my problem. He said he was certain it was reflux, no doubt whatsover! He explained what he would prescribe...basically a huge amount of drugs! All the different acid reflux medicine you can get. I was very against this idea.

    Fast forward a few months. I saw 3 ENT doctors in the end and multiple other specialists, I also did few Peptests which you can order online. I had 3 endoscopies, and they said they could see no sign of reflux. I was still worried it might be Reflux, so I tried various diets, one was called Dropping Acid, did nothing. The other was called the Fast Tract Diet, which I agreed with the theory and if you have a real reflux problem, then maybe try this, but it did nothing.

    I eventually accepted I did not have reflux after seeing another ENT doctor. The most relief I got from my symptoms was from reading Sarnos books, but the symptoms still persist and progress is slow as I am a stubborn person, obsessive and stuck in my head! It's hard for me to not doubt!

    My advice to you would be to get an Endoscopy, to see if anything is wrong. If they say there is not believe them! If they say it is reflux, I would get more tests before taking the drugs. There are many tests for reflux, some of them very accurate and able to test for the vapours in the throat, which they call Silent Reflux or LPR. If you have some physical problem that was causing reflux then maybe you would need drugs or an operation, but it is rare. Often they don't really know why people have reflux, which leads to the bigger question!

    Why do people have reflux? Stomach problems, digestive problems etc. are some of the most commonly known psychosomatic problems, and I know from experience that the more stressed I am the more I feel rapped air and heartburn etc. I really believe as Sarno has said, that the majority of Reflux problems are related to stress or TMS. Of course if you eat complete junk then you need to sort that out!

    So to sum up :

    - Get tested in the most extensive way possible, starting with an endoscopy as it's a simple procedure.
    - If they say you don't have reflux, and they have no idea, then TMS is the only path I know of!
    - If they say you might have reflux or you do, then try the Fast Tract Diet first. Read the guys book, his website, and get the app. See if there is resolution in 3 weeks, or a reduction in symptoms. It did nothing for me as I said, because I did not have reflux. But my mum had reflux because of a Hiatus Hernia and it helped her a lot.

    There are so many things people mention to try for reflux, and if you are like me you might get obsessed. Most of it got me nowhere and I tried it all! I still think the best thing you can do is breathe properly, find time to relax, meditate and exercise.

    I wish you luck, and I hope this jumble of thoughts is helpful in some way!
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  4. fridaynotes

    fridaynotes Well known member

    i found the above response very helpful as I myself have suffered from acid reflux as a last-resort TMS equivalent. I beat it for a while but it has come back and i'm in the midst of trying to beat it again. but sometimes late at night it makes me fearful and panicked, as it wants to do. i do some journaling, i keep telling myself that it's all in my head, i speak to my stomach, i speak to my unconscious, i practice a little ho'oponopono and all of those things help me get through it. i know it will go away as mysteriously as it appeared but acid reflux seems to be a tenacious form of TMS, but i am convinced it is indeed TMS.
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  5. FredAmir

    FredAmir Well known member

    Try not to obsess over it, especially if it is TMS related. Plus acid reflux may not necessarily be caused due to TMS, as I explained in my most recent blogpost.

    http://www.fredamir.com/single-post/2017/07/19/Relieve-Acid-Refulx-in-Four-Steps (Back Pain)
  6. Mazinio

    Mazinio New Member

    Hi all,

    Adam how have you been getting on since you made this post? Did you ever go and see someone and get a diagnosis? Did you get any other symptoms?

    Reason I ask is because I too started with that menthol type feeling in my throat and upper chest but also have developed a chronic dry cough and now some hoarsness in my throat and voice.

    I haven't been to get checked out yet due to covid-19 but want peace of mind. Worth my track record of tms pain I think this is probably all psychological but as always don't want to be the boy who cried wolf.

    Would love to know how your symptoms have gotten on since you posted this.


  7. jula

    jula Peer Supporter

    I had this. I changed my diet a lot and it went away (bitter taste, menthol air, LPR symptoms) but I also believe it was TMS as now I eat more products that should be problematic and don’t have the same problems, maybe once in a while when I really overdo.
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  8. Mazinio

    Mazinio New Member

    Thanks Julia. Did you have the chronic cough and constant throat clearing too. I'm eliminating dairy etc and focusing on a plant based diet but I do believe it to be TMS as I've had other things before
  9. jula

    jula Peer Supporter

    Cough not as often but a lot of throat clearing. To the point I sometimes had some blood in my saliva. But it went away. Now I have some weird taste issues but it’s not that bad.
  10. Mazinio

    Mazinio New Member

    Thank you.

    I'm coughing non stop. A chronic dry cough was my first symptom then everything else developed.
  11. jula

    jula Peer Supporter

    I guess it’s all the same. I had all other bad symptoms, just not the cough. I was frustrated because I was a member of FB groups and almost everyone had success with Acid Watchers Diet, which didn’t help me much. I think I focused on it way too much. I do have GERD and don’t know if it’s TMS but my LPR definitely is because it comes and goes. And sometimes when it occurs doesn’t make sense.
  12. Mazinio

    Mazinio New Member


    Also I have no symptoms at all during the night, but as soon as I wake up thru kick in immediately and are with me all day.
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  13. jula

    jula Peer Supporter

    I am like that to, I even had a pH study. Only 3 episodes of reflux at night and about 150 during the day ‍:meh:
  14. Mazinio

    Mazinio New Member

    I'm no expert but that suggests to me that TMS could be the main cause as your mind is relaxed and not drawing attention to it at night. I've read that most people with GERD and reflux have bad symptoms at night.
  15. jula

    jula Peer Supporter

    Yes, this is the most common. I have had my share of weird unexplained stomach issues. I hope they will resolve over time at least to some extent.
  16. DanielleT

    DanielleT Newcomer

    I have been having the same type of symptoms. I experience a burning irritation down low in my throat right between my voice box and trachea. Sometimes I will have to cough a little mucus. I am also hoarse when speaking and sometimes feel like I can't breathe. This has been going on for several months. I am going to see my doctor soon. This is just making me so anxious because it just doesn't go away.
  17. Karim

    Karim Peer Supporter

    Some people cure some have to learn to live with it
  18. learningmore

    learningmore Peer Supporter

    Could you elaborate on the vapor test for LPR? I've been learning about this a lot but haven't heard of this at all.

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