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Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by Shabda-girl, Mar 15, 2013.

  1. Shabda-girl

    Shabda-girl Peer Supporter

    I am reading the book Hope and Help for Your Nerves by Claire Weekes and her four steps for recovery are:

    Letting time pass

    Very profound for me. And it pertains to everything- Pain, anxiety, all forms of emotions, stressful situations and on and on.

    Thought others might appreciate those four words too.
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  2. JanAtheCPA

    JanAtheCPA Beloved Grand Eagle

  3. Shabda-girl

    Shabda-girl Peer Supporter

    Thank you so much Jan. Watching this video was really helpful!!!
  4. Nicole J. Sachs LCSW

    Nicole J. Sachs LCSW Therapist and TMS Author

    Hey ladies. I've been so busy with the kids and work, and I'm finally getting a moment to check in with this forum! Thank you for your appreciation of my interview. As you can gather I'm sure, doing that kind of thing is not easy, and I'm so glad it was helpful. I wish you all the best! xo, n.
  5. Shabda-girl

    Shabda-girl Peer Supporter

    Nicole, I loved listening to your interview and got to enjoy it during part of my drive from Denver to Austin (we just moved- 3 kids, 4 dogs, and cat), and am downloading your book to my kindle as soon as Internet gets set up in our new home- on Sunday!!! Thank you so much. You are wonderful.
  6. Pandagirl

    Pandagirl Peer Supporter

    Hi Megan,

    Welcome to Texas!!! I'm in Dallas! Also a fellow mom, although I don't have the dogs and cat! Would love to know your story as it relates to motherhood. My chronic TMS started while I was pregnant with my daughter in 2010.

    Good luck with your move! Regards, Mandi
  7. OtterMan

    OtterMan Peer Supporter

    Thanks for posting about this. Listening to her Pass Through Panic now (found on iTunes).
  8. Shabda-girl

    Shabda-girl Peer Supporter

    I love her book so much that I plan on downloading some of her audios on iTunes too. Thanks for reminding me about the audios:)
  9. Shabda-girl

    Shabda-girl Peer Supporter

    Mandi, as soon as I have a chunk of time to sit down and post a longer response I will do that. Still trying to get unpacked and get the phone to work and cable and people in and out of the house......so I just need to find some quiet time to share more of my story with you.
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  10. OtterMan

    OtterMan Peer Supporter

    How do you believe they are only thoughts...lol If i was burnt out in a job and i have anger and rage over my job and myself how can i just say these are thoughts. OMG i find this difficult but i am willing to understand and change.

    I want to get this.
  11. Shabda-girl

    Shabda-girl Peer Supporter

    Well thoughts are your viewpoint and they create emotions. If you view the world as a scary,unsafe place, then you will have feelings of fear. If you view the world as a safe, positive place then, you will have feelings of peace and safety. This is true for all life situation. When I start thinking about things in a really negative way, then I start feeling scared and angry, which for me, then affects my body. If I can remember to stop myself in my tracks and change my thought process to a more positive dialogue, then my feelings become more positive and my body feels strong and non-stressed. And it's okay to feel angry about your job and it's okay for those thoughts to pass and you don't need to resist them. But you don't need tone fearful of them or hang onto them either. You can accept them and then let them float by. They are just thoughts and you can choose to let them be but not let them define you. If you can just allow these thoughts to pass through, without hanging onto them, you will be learing the art of detachment. Detachment means you have no expectations of things being a certain way, or you feeling a certain way and therefore these situations and thoughts no longer have control over you, but it takes practice. See, when I get scared or angry, my back started to hurt and my head starts to ache. All of my body pains are coming from my thoughts which create emotions which, then comes out physically. Hope some of that makes some sense. It's daily practice for me. All of your reality comes from your thoughts. That's why everyone's reality is different. Everyone is creating your own reality through their own thoughts. You can change your reality by changing your thought process. But remember to first always face the emotions head-on and journal about it so that you can let self heard, and then are able to let it go easier.

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