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About cervical-myelopathy

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by hklover, Nov 1, 2020.

  1. hklover

    hklover Newcomer


    Since last year, I've been suffering from sciatica as well as weird senses(tingling, stinging and throbbing) on my fingers, arms and upper back.

    I've visited so many places such as hospitals, acupuncture clinics, physiotherapists to figure out what happened to my body. But they didn't give me clear answers about causes of these symptoms. What they just found was disc herniation at T2-3 (Mild central protrusion), C6-7 (Mild bulging) through MRI.

    And many prominent doctors even said my sciatica shouldn't be the result of this. And my disc herniation was not severe enough to generate the symptoms I had.

    One day I could read 'Healing back pain'. And I began reading Dr.John Sarno's other books and invaluable materials in here. I found out I had same personality like TMSers. I also had anxiety issues and traumas incurred by my turbulent childhood.

    I understood physical abnormalities could not generate any pains. So I applied TMS approach on my recovery. And the level of the pain was decreased for a month. So I was so surprised at this change.

    But from last month, The pain level was spiraling. I began having weird senses again. What made me more embarrassed was emergence of weird symptoms I didn't have such as numbness on my palm, decreased strength on my arms, awkward feeling when using my fingers (reminding myself of the typical symptoms of cervical-myelopathy)

    Of course I should not think of this physically and tried to approach it psychologically. But when it carries on for more than two weeks, I began thinking that it might be a problem of my discs at thoracic and cervical level.

    And it also led me to have a question as follows.

    According to Dr. Sarno, Disc herniation is not a problem. Instead, it is a normal structural abnormalities causing no pain. But if protruded discs blocked central spinal cord at cervical or upper thoracic level, it could generate very serious and debilitating symptoms, Isn't it?

    I really wonder whether he also doesn't consider and recognize cervical myelopathy as a cause of the pain.
    (https://www.hopkinsmedicine.org/health/conditions-and-diseases/cervical-myelopathy (Cervical Myelopathy))

    Or is it a kind of dangerous thing to be ruled out like cancers, tumors in the spinal cord?

    I really want to clarify this to move further.
    I look forward to getting your invaluable opinion and professional advices for this.

    Best Regards

  2. JanAtheCPA

    JanAtheCPA Beloved Grand Eagle

    We aren't medical professionals here, so we're not going to answer the question you think you're asking. However, I'm willing to say that you've already answered the question in these two paragraphs.

    If you had whatever that condition is that you mentioned above (I didn't bother linking to it) don't you think your test results would have shown it? You could go to Johns Hopkins to be sure - but you might also consider that when you continue to seek a diagnosis after medical professionals have failed to give you an answer you want - well, this is your brain on TMS. This is your brain continuing to convince you that there must be something wrong and that you need to keep distracting yourself trying to find it.

    Even if you had a medical condition, there is nothing wrong with moving forward to do the emotional work you need to do in order to get off the distraction merry-go-round. It can only benefit you.
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  3. jooliveuk

    jooliveuk New Member


  4. jooliveuk

    jooliveuk New Member

    Hi Hklover
    I hope you are feeling well these days. I’m facing some similar issues as you wrote about in Nov ‘20 and I am being told I have signs of cervical myelopathy owing to loss of strength in my right arm (decompression surgery being recommended). Id be interested to know how you got on please? Did you sort out your symptoms using Sarno techniques? Any sharing of your experience would be very welcome. Thank you Jo

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