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A true gift,TMS

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by silentflutes, Feb 25, 2016.

  1. silentflutes

    silentflutes Peer Supporter

    First and foremost, i would love to ask people of this forum, why do people not comment or advise on long detailed post? as my previous post (two) i wrote detailed lengthy post feeling that detailed ones would help someone out there..but later i ended up frustrating since people are not replying and wondering, are short posts prefered? or any group norm to keep post shorter? please enlighten me!

    anyway, i will keep this post as short as possible.

    I am happiest living person to have TMS. it is not play of words or am I trying to create something fake here or just POSITIVE AFFIRMATION. If you ever had a two problem in your life, and you are currently focused on problem that is less intense that other one (which is out of focus) then you feel the current problem as gift.

    for all my life i stammer and all the things it brought up self fueled stammer. never ending loop. 6 years ago, i began to journey to find cure of stammer. all i ever wanted was to forget thinking about stammer and all feelings it brings up. but then 1.5 years ago, i had tms/upper back muscle spasm. 1 years of suffering reading realizing. and you wonder, something amazing happened. few months back i realized, for this 1.5 years i didnt thought about stammer, all i thought was about tms. that moment, i felt tms as true gift. a wakeup call to how i am punishing myself, creating hell for myself and how pathetic i am living my life regardless of all my blessings.

    later i realized tms, stammer both are just outcome of way i am living my life. our nature is to be in state of joy, happiness,self expression. but we distort it significantly and destroy our inner balance leading to peace,serenity and many things come up, be it stammer, tms or any other names in future.. things to make you aware of things you are ignoring.

    stammer is when you block who you are...
    tms is when you hate who you are...

    is there any stammer is in group? anyone with tms and stammer? stammer is blocking your voice and people can instantly hear it and judge me. it feels like dying sooner faster. but tms/upper back spasm. wow, i love it. people dont know i have tms until i say it. they dont hear my tms. i can take as many tms as it is there because in front of what i have lived (stammer), its gift. it is alarm clock to make me realize what i am doing with myself.

    thank you tms.
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  2. Dexy

    Dexy Peer Supporter

    How inspiring, thank you for this post, silentflutes.
  3. sjcy

    sjcy New Member

    Thanks for this post, silentflutes. I'm new here like you and I didn't see your other two posts, but I do know that sometimes it's hard to answer very long, detailed posts because when there's so much material to address, it's hard to choose where to start and what to say.

    I don't stammer myself, but I have a friend who is a dancer who stammers. I think she uses her body to express things she has a hard time expressing verbally. It's like she took what her throat blocked and sent it out through the rest of her body and made it beautiful. There are so many ways around and through our difficulties. I'm glad you're finding a way too.

  4. Susan1111

    Susan1111 Well known member

    Welcome Silentflutes I also see TMS as a gift but for a different reason than you. I thought I knew myself well but apparently I had more to learn. I call TMS a journey into me. Not only do I have a better understanding of myself but you know what I like myself a lot more too. My life feels better!

    As for the size of the post I'm not sure, I do notice that some posts get more response than others...I'd hate to think that someone was ignored. This community is filled with warm helpful caring people.

    My hope for you as you take the TMS journey is that you show yourself compassion and when you come out on the other side you love and care about yourself more.

    Warmly, Susan

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