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Day 22 A Small Win!

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by MusicMan11, Jul 11, 2018.

  1. MusicMan11

    MusicMan11 Peer Supporter

    Yesterday I went to one of the best Sinus doctors in the country for a second opinion on my sinuses/nose (I live here in Boston and we are blessed with great hospitals). It wasn't out of fear, but it was more out of curiosity to confirm TMS.

    On my way there, it was crazy I had no head/sinus pain or post nasal drip, mainly because I was a bit nervous I think. We had the appointment and he said my nose area looks really good but I was suffering from "silent reflux" which is where my post nasal drip is coming from. His treatment plan wasn't anything radical, but it was more for validation for me and I was ok with that.

    Then I was driving to work after and the pain in my head started and was on and off all day at work. I went about my normal routine, went to the gym, went to my parents to pick up my dog (they live close by), etc.

    When I got home and settled, I started relaxing and watching TV. Somewhere during the show I was watching I was completely relaxed and let go and didn't even notice it. I had no pain or anxiety at all for a solid hour! Then the second I noticed it and was like "wow, this is nice," it came back!

    A few other observations I had today:

    - Anxiety will come around 6-6:30am - I use somatic tracking and some techniques I learned here and it subsides shortly

    - Pain/pressure starts in my head comes around an hour or so after I wake up and is off and on all day

    - Pain/pressure subsides around 4:30 when I am ready to leave work and walk to the gym where I get on the treadmill to start to run and when I wake a shower afterwards.

    - Pain/pressure starts again on my drive home to get my dog

    - Pain/pressure subsides when I get to my parents house to eat/get dog

    - Pain/pressure starts on my drive to my house

    - Pain subsides when I start relaxing and getting ready for bed or I go to bed with it and it quickly subsides.
  2. Gigi

    Gigi Well known member

    Congrats on the win, MusicMan! You've become much more aware of your pain cycles and gained some insight as well. Isn't it gratifying when we can connect the dots? Keep up the good work, and soon you'll have longer pain-free episodes. The SEP truly works.
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