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A question about my Steven Ozanich reading

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by tgirl, Jan 6, 2016.

  1. tgirl

    tgirl Well known member

    I read the four phases of TMS and I feel mine is a bit different, which once again gets me doubting my situation. One phase says that you could have pain after an injury. My first bout of prickly leg skin occurred after a flu and hurting my back while working out. The other two bouts were after periods of stress. Do you think this fits into the TMS framework? I am sure I had other things going on emotionally back then but I can't remember for sure.
  2. Ryan

    Ryan Well known member

    Tgirl you are OK, if you have been medically cleared dive in. Doubting is part of the process , I did that to myself. It sounds to me you have tms but I don't know story. Belief is what you need, just keep chugging along to the unknown territory. Your analyzing this tms stuff to much, which is part of personality. We all want concrete answers and are scared of where were going. Life is taking you where you need to go.

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  3. tgirl

    tgirl Well known member

    Thanks Ryan. I have been tested extensively and everything comes back normal. I am at the end of the road where medical doctors are concerned. Thanks for your words of encouragement.

  4. Ryan

    Ryan Well known member

    That's awesome keep gong you are on your way to recovery, just have faith.
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