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Day 21 A Peak in Progress

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by Sean, Apr 26, 2016.

  1. Sean

    Sean New Member

    So today brings a new peak I pain relief:D...I would like to say it's one of those 'aha's' we read about but need some more time I guess...although the CW is u do something for 21 days and it becomes embedded practice/mindset...maybe that's what 21 days brings...the perspective on pain through TMS/MBS is now accepted by the subconsciouso_Owelcomea
    It's not totally gone but I understand how people get to the point where they are able to say "I feel u but I can put u In your place without too much bother"fingersinears
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  2. Gigi

    Gigi Well known member

    Congrats, Sean! It's such a blessing to get some relief from pain!
  3. Janine28

    Janine28 Peer Supporter

    That's great Sean! I love your words "I feel u but I can put u In your place without too much bother." Just an observation: you mentioned a day ago that you were beginning to face some of the more difficult suppressed pain, and then today you found some relief. dancea

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