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Day 25 A lot of Improvement, A large Setback

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by ireallywantmylifeback, Jul 7, 2019.

  1. Hello all,

    I am on day 25 of my TMS treatment. I should have been done quite a while ago, but after reading about members forcing the treatment and having less success, I learned that I needed to take a different approach that worked for me. On some days that I am enjoying family activities, doing yoga or other forms of mindful meditation, I do not do TMS unless I really feel like. Now I believe the structural education program should be done daily, so I guess in a way I am failing, but I have seen major success in not just believing in TMS, but also in doing mindful meditation and similar activities every day. I am at the stage where painful events move to different location of the body and evolve so am always thinking TMS for those, but recently I have had and am having a large obstacle. I have taken a step back because at some point a couple of weeks ago I had asked a doctor if there were several test results that had been returned and he suggested that due to my history he wanted to do a brain MRI in addition to the other tests to rule out serious conditions such as MS. I am now freaking out, because of what the result could be, in my head I already have a horrible disease again. From a logical point of view with some minor symptoms aside (pins and needles, crawling sensation occasionally), I do not have strong indicators of such serious disease. Regardless, I decided to move forward with the MRI as it is entirely covered under my insurance and I would like to get such a big test out of the way that could also be used as future reference for any issues.

    My brain MRI is tomorrow and I can already see how tension and pain is building up in my body in anticipation to what the results could be, I will update everyone in a couple of days.
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  2. birdsetfree

    birdsetfree Well known member

    Good luck! It will be fine, you're symptoms sound like TMS to me. Nothing to worry about.
  3. JanAtheCPA

    JanAtheCPA Beloved Grand Eagle

    In spite of years of vague dizziness and brain fog and imbalance, my doctor and a dizziness specialist never suggested getting any kind of brain scan - maybe because I never told them about the shaky legs and other nervy symptoms that I had in the summer of 2011. Most of my symptoms either disappeared or abated thanks to discovering Dr. Sarno that fall. But I still deal with the vestibular stuff, which is my hardest TMS symptom to shake - and the thing is, that little negative fearful voice in the back of my mind - the one we all have - has continued to say, all these years "what IF it's something in your brain?" My answer to that for all these years is that my symptoms would be worse since 2011, not better, and then I get on with my life. But it's still there...

    In any case, last summer I had a little syncopy (fainting) episode, so they automatically gave me a full workup, including a head CT and an EGG, which was followed by a debriefing with a neurologist. Who said that "everyone's brain should look this good". (The syncopy was chalked up to several nights of zero sleep due to a bad cough combined with a heat wave, and slightly low potassium).

    So now I have an even better answer for that little negative fearful voice, which is "hey, that neurologist said my brain looked great! So cut it out!". Prior to that I was determined not to seek confirmation, but I have to admit that having it is not the worst thing in the world.

    MRIs are no fun (I just had my first not long ago, for a growth near my Achilles tendon)(BTW, getting old sucks - things start growing where they shouldn't). A head MRI is definitely going to be very unpleasant. But it's not invasive or painful, so try to use the time to do a meditative exercise, like counting, or anything to keep from obsessing about the results.

    I feel like MS is one of those things that docs grasp at when they can't find anything wrong. I also feel like I've read stories of people being misdiagnosed with MS because the symptoms are so easily mimicked by TMS.
  4. Thank you both for the advice and encouraging words. The MRI results were made known to me this morning and everything was well! One thing is that although I sometimes want to tell others near me about TMS and how I am doing better because of it, I am preferring to keep it to myself as most people are not accepting of the concept. That was me at the very beginning, when I first learned about this I was very unhappy that it was even suggested.

    I am starting to deal with the symptom imperative and wonder what advice you would all suggest I follow to get pass this stage?
  5. JanAtheCPA

    JanAtheCPA Beloved Grand Eagle

    Listen to the negative thoughts and fears generated by your fearful primitive brain. And talk back. Fight back. Keep writing. Write honestly, do not hold anything back, even if your fearful brain tries to convince you to. Accept your negative thoughts and emotions, and love yourself enough that you know that you deserve to heal.
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