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A hard cycle (thumb clickink pain and others that replace each others), some help.

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by emporeon027, Mar 14, 2021.

  1. emporeon027

    emporeon027 Peer Supporter

    I started my jorney almost tree months ago; i was deling back then witht thumb pain in both hands and clicking, called the quervain symdrom, i was in PT For that, but i was dealing also with tinnytus, also a i was told that my hads and other pain were beacause i have hipermovility joints, i found out about sarno and readed mindbody prescription, was like magin my hads went better preatty quickly, the most anoying symptom was the noice in my ears, it also went await almost a month after, but some other pais came back, some o my lateral leg pain when i seat, and i spend to much time siting, but i got back to exercices and so, the last week it started to faded await but i got my RSI back, my thumb clicks a lot and istarted to fear again there its not really to much people with that them resolve here. I`ve read a a couple of people here that has mentioned that it was its main symptome and has gone but if anyone here can tell me that it really would help, well kinda i `m yelling my brain inside again for doing this to us, like everytime that one symtopms has gone an old one tooks its place. thanks
  2. Idearealist

    Idearealist Peer Supporter

    Not a doctor, and not trying to diagnose you, but this sounds like the symptom imperative at work. I think losing the fear of symptoms and shifting focus is the crux of getting better. If you accept that your symptoms are TMS, why are you still scared of them? (I ask myself this question too)

    And for what it's worth, I know several people who have hypermobile joints who don't deal with significant RSI pain. One of these people has Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and plays video games nonstop (like 8 hours a day sometimes...) and still has no RSI. Food for thought :)
  3. emporeon027

    emporeon027 Peer Supporter

    thanks, hipermovility was never a problem for me till the last year. Also i woke up early i`m going back to swimming today after five years, your right i have pruve that its TMS ones, why i would have fear of it again. Also i was having triceps pain, in some exercices i was having a wear sensation, but i still keep doing in them, it complete fade await with most of my leg pain the last week. Symptom imperative its not new to me in retrospective, my mind its so use to the fight or fly respond that it will do anything to keep me there. thanks really
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  4. emporeon027

    emporeon027 Peer Supporter

    Hey there, i just came back from working out with some puch ups, rems and other exercices, with some tumb pain, at the end of it the pain was not at all, but still the clicking sensation, i will pruve to my braim that i know this is just another symptom. if anybody suffer here from thumb pain, RSI, The quervain symdrom i will try to keep an record of it, here, so it will be usefull for some on on the future, i know i`m safe i am healthy youngh man with just and overactive brain. i will keep the updates.

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