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A good start to all!

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by Pietro Carloni, Jan 2, 2019.

  1. Pietro Carloni

    Pietro Carloni Peer Supporter

    Good morning everyone folks !!!
    How are you? I would like to wish a happy new year to all those who are winning, fighting and forgiving (sometimes) this great battle.
    Talking about what we face every day is good, but I have to recognize that trying to make our ideas understand the outside world is very difficult and for this I am grateful to this forum that supports us in the most difficult moments.
    For me it is almost a year that I face my problems with other perspectives, that I try to look my fears in the face, that I try to treat myself with kindness and that I move in recognizing my emotions, my anxieties and my past , projecting me into more joyful and full of life moments.
    For me, as I imagine for you, holidays are a difficult time, perhaps because we have more time to focus on ourselves and perhaps because we put ourselves under pressure to fulfill our responsibilities in the best way.
    In my case, they resulted in an incessant headache, but this did not stop me from living these days with joy and gratitude for coming out of the vicious circle of doctors and therapies, from the fear of feeling "forever" sick and being became part of this virtual community where I discovered new ideas and new perspectives of looking at the world.
    How are you?
    I wish you a happy birthday my friends, we deserve all the love of this world.
    A hug
  2. Coffeeplease

    Coffeeplease Peer Supporter

    Happy New Year! Hugs and peace for you and everyone else this coming year. May we all find the path to healing, have hope, give self love, and be free from pain...

    The holidays are certainly a mixed bag of emotions. It is easy to fall into a trap of an idea of what the "perfect holiday" should be. I continued to practice accepting my current situation, freeing myself from worry and being ok with my life as it is right now in this moment.

    You have a wonderful perspective and I too am so grateful for this board and the support here!
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  3. Andy Bayliss

    Andy Bayliss TMS Coach & Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi Pietro,

    Thanks for the good cheer! We are lucky to have found a different way. And as you say, there is little support for this.

    Reading your post above, I get that you have a an understanding about where symptoms are coming from, and this is very important to you, regardless of symptoms. Your understanding, regardless of "results," keeps you out of the "forever loop of physicians, tests, concerns." You make a powerful statement. Thank you.

    Andy B
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  4. Pietro Carloni

    Pietro Carloni Peer Supporter

    Thanks for the support Andy,
    I am aware that the mind is constantly trying to save me from the situation of danger (even if, many times, there is no real threat), now all that remains is to reverse this somewhat perverse trend.
    But habits die hard and I understand that there is a chance that they can sabotage my good intentions in a thousand ways.
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