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Day 3 A Day Behind

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by MellieV, Jan 25, 2016.

  1. MellieV

    MellieV Peer Supporter

    I'm on Day 3 today because I spent two days on the Day 2 exercise. I think the questions for Day 3 are interesting because they involve physical activity - my biggest fear with pain.
    In early November I finished a 6 week physical therapy program. I was so hot and cold about it, because on the days I would go to the physical therapy center, I would feel really good for most of that day. But the next day, or even that same night, the pain would come back with a vengeance. I didn't get it. Reading the article attached to the Day 3 exercise discusses the same exact phenomena (Dr. Sarno also touches on it) that stretching and bending actually does temporarily improve blood flow to my oxygen starved pain areas - but it is quite temporary, as it's only a band-aid of sorts. It reassured me that I wasn't crazy!!!
    Anyway, I ventured out on a long walk today with my puppy. I even tackled some snow mounds! I felt the anxiety coming on when I felt I may be venturing too far from home (will the pain come on, what if I can't make it home because of my back, etc.), so I collected myself and headed home. I felt great during the walk and forced myself to keep my shoulders back, and take in my surroundings even after the fear set in. We'll see how I feel later...
  2. Moppy

    Moppy Peer Supporter

    Hi Mellie that's marvellous! Well done. I think for most of us the fear of pain from physical activity looms large. We dont need to take massive steps and head out on a 2 day hike, but little by little if we can increase what we do we get more confident. You're certainly doing tbat. I hope you put it on your evidence sheet to look back over when you're not having such a good day. All the best wavea
  3. Walt Oleksy (RIP 2021)

    Walt Oleksy (RIP 2021) Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi, Mellie. I agree with Moppy that it is wonderful that you took that walk with your puppy. I know about how you felt, worrying you may be too far from home if you feel pain. But I always talked myself through that. I think knowing I had to care for my dog helped me. I suggest you try to focud your mind on how good the walk feels and not worry about the going back home part. If pain comes on, I doubt it would be enough to keep you from finishing your walk and getting back home. Try not to let that become a conditioning. Enjoy your walk and know that physical exercise is very important for healing.
  4. MellieV

    MellieV Peer Supporter

    I didn't even think to put that in my evidence sheet. Thanks for the reminder and the kind words, Moppy! I really appreciate them.
  5. MellieV

    MellieV Peer Supporter

    Thanks, Walt. I tried to do just that. I collected my thoughts instead of my usual - which is letting them spiral out of control. Not easy, but now it's my mission. I went a little further today and again battled some old thinking habits. But on the plus side, I met a fellow German Shepherd owner in my neighborhood!

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