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Day 10 ...a chore

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by Ben74, Jun 18, 2017.

  1. Ben74

    Ben74 Newcomer

    Day 10 of the program encourages posting my story on the forum. However i dont have much to report at this point. Have had no lightbulb moment and keep thinking to myself that there must be a quicker way to get to the root of this that having to rehash past memories and writing about them.

    Benefits this first week is the fact that i know the body can produce pain when there is nothing physically wrong, motivates me to push through. But even knowing this, sometimes i just give in and lay in bed all day.

    Second benefit is that i am now very aware that i should allow my wife to vent her emotions about her work day when coming home. I used to avoid this. I dont want her repressing any emotions.

    Past 9 days i was enthusiastic about the journaling. Today it just seems like a chore. If i can't feel any progress in another week or so i cant see myself sticking with it much longer after that.
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  2. DontStopBelieving

    DontStopBelieving Peer Supporter

    Hi Ben, I know this is hard to believe but we have all been there and the beginning is the hardest because it takes longer to see progress. The main reason is quite simple: your subconscious is still learning what your conscious now knows. It is like driving a car, at first you think wich pedal is on what side, where are all the buttons you need, what you need to signal to the other drivers on the road, but once your subconscious learns it all it becomes an automatic process. Repetition is key and no, there is no fast way to heal. But the slower you heal, the better your brain learns and helps you not to fall into the same trap of physical pain once again.
    Post your story but not since you joined this program, write a short biography of your life since child and include the symptoms, not just the current once but anything you might think was a weird inexplicable pain. Depression, anxiety are also a form of TMS. Have you read Dr. Sarno's books? I suggest you also read Dr Clare Weekens Hope and Help for your nerves. That book (I have it as an audio book and listen to whenever I start feeling unmotivated again) helped me pull myself out of bed and believe I can heal.

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