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Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by Leelee, Dec 11, 2020.

  1. Leelee

    Leelee New Member

    Hello all

    it’s day 30 of the s e program for me and I have had a massive breakthrough tonight.

    I thought I’d write about it in case someone else is reading this and it helps them.

    I got to day 29 on the program and I stopped it for about 6 weeks or so, I lost my way and
    Started to feel down with the back pain that has been constant.
    I have healed using sep and tms couple of years ago, so I accept the diagnosis.
    so I stopped for 6 weeks and yesterday I just thought right Lee, get back into sep and

    I did day 30 of sep tonight after work and finished it at 10pm here in Brighton uk,
    Then I thought to myself right.
    I will join a gym and go tonight I don’t care if I have pain. So I joined online to a new 24 hours gym, and went straight away.

    I was in the gym my 11pm. I did walking on treadmill run (I had a fear to run feels great )
    Some weights and then came home.
    I felt quite emotional walking out of the gym as I know I have turned a corner.
    I feel great I don’t have a much pain and I’m not listening to it any more.

    I will go again to the gym tomorrow night at 10pm and every night I can.

    I was starting to feel down and like I wasn’t in control, thinking I need an mri scan.

    Just by saying to myself right you can do this and I’m Gona show myself and I did.

    I’m so happy I went and did it and I will continue to go to the gym, and not listen to any pain I have. I’ll tell myself there is nothing wrong with me do it.

    I just feel a massive weight lift off of me, that I can do anything I want with no limits or worry.

    I hope this helps someone else, keep positive
    Just as I was giving up I have turned the corner... :))

    Good wishes to all of you on the sep from Brighton tonight.

    Have a good day.
    Lee :)
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  2. Baseball65

    Baseball65 Beloved Grand Eagle

    There's the magic turn... that instant of awareness when our "inner" or "true" self sees the outer scared, external, terrestrial physical thinking brain and makes a decision and TAKES ACTION.

    "Three frogs are sitting on a log and two of them decide to jump....
    how many are left?

    All three... they only decided.

    They never followed it up with action"

    Y'all are home free!
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  3. Leelee

    Leelee New Member

    Thank you baseball65 (sorry don’t know
    Yr name)

    but thank you so much for taking the time
    to reply.

    I get what you mean a about taking action
    As I been in the mentality of I can’t do this
    Or that or travel.
    Then just said to myself no I can do anything I want to.
    But you are right it’s thinking it and then taking action on it.
    I had no pain during gym or after :)

    Pain has come back today, but when I feel it
    I tell myself no. I’m not LISTENING to you
    I am fine and healthy and strong.

    I’m going back to the gym tonight again :)

    I know I’m on the right track now...

    Have a great evening.


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