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a bit mad

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by uccello1983, Jul 12, 2017.

  1. uccello1983

    uccello1983 New Member

    hi everyone,

    I have been dealing with foot issue and leg pain etc... and all along everyone said it's TMS. I saw a TMS therapist and a TMS doctor and they all said the same thing. Things were not improving until my primary doctor ordered and ultrasound of both legs and found moderate atherosclerosis in my lower right leg. If I had listened completely to everyone and not pursued why I wasn't improving I would have never found out. I don't think TMS can cause that. The baffling thing is that I am at a normal/thin weight, eat whole foods and before this all started walked, hiked, exercised like crazy. and it all started in my left foot not right. I now have an appointment with the vascular doctor but it just makes me mad that all the so called specialist didn't bother to look for this to begin with. have you ever heard of this condition be TMS? Thanks.
  2. Ines

    Ines Well known member

    I'm not familiar with what you have but you're supposed to rule out any serious medical issues before going all in with TMS. Since I'm doing the TMS approach for migraines, of course I had an MRI and CAT scan.
  3. uccello1983

    uccello1983 New Member

    I did a lot of tests and then went to a TMS doctor with my results. But I think they should have thought about this too before sending me on a goose chase.

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