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99% healed

Discussion in 'Success Stories Subforum' started by Velo drew, Feb 12, 2014.

  1. Velo drew

    Velo drew New Member

    Hello everyone:

    I wanted to humbly share a breakthrough and lessons learned/ things I unlearned/ things I need to learn, in the hopes that this will help someone who is dealing with chronic pain stemming from TMS.

    I have been dealing with a relapse of 30 year old case of intermittent TMS. I became aware of TMS in 2004. Historically my TMS occurs in the lumbar region and as Dr. Sarno has written in "Healing Back Pain" starts to move around. When it starts to dart around, that triggers the aha the game is afoot and its time to thwart my sneaky brain (addicted to the new Sherlock series from BBC).

    In my most recent episode, I experienced a relapse which began right around Thanksgiving. I was dealing with pain as a result of loss of my mother, age at some back biting people on my job, rage at a sibling, rage due to my concerns over how people trash the environment. You could day I have an over developed sense of responsibility.

    On February 6 and after tolerating TMS for 3+ months of feeling burning tendon pain in my left leg, I participated in environmental rally here in Charlotte, NC. Here is an article on the protest.


    I am in a photo holding a protest sign which says: "STEWARDSHIP NOT STOOPID SH**T" (see picture #4).

    At the rally, I was able to let loose via loud chanting my outrage directed at Duke Energy and the NC watchdog agencies, which from my perspective, have shirked their responsibility. For those who were involved in what some times feels like an endless call to action, we were able to collectively express feelings of injustice for a very precious natural resource: water.

    One of the more passionate protesters in our group , forwared an email and counted 600 publications (mostly online) who reported this story. Within 24 hours of being involved in the DAY OF OUTRAGE, I took the usual mental scan of my leg pain and FINALLY (hallelujah) NOTICE a delta in the pain on my left leg.


    I really was aware of the pain over the last few months and even though I have suffered from TMS, this latest
    episode affected me in a new way.

    It took about 3 weeks for me to really BELIEVE TMS was the culprit. I tried to couteract
    my TMS by refusing to not give in to the feeling of sitting on the coach and go into my default
    setting: deal with the pain my eating junk food.

    I tried to remain active. Some of the other writers who shared success had mentioned finding relief through running. This inspired me to take I new sport ULTIMATE FRISBEE( frisbee football) due to the emphasis on cardio movement. At 47 I found it a little
    tough to keep up with 27-33 year olds but I found the intramural camaraderie really fun.
    The TMS in my left leg really affected my explosiveness but I hung in there.

    So what I can say is that over the last few months I have keep a real close tab on things that have triggered my feelings to boil over, but I am still at a puzzled, bewildered, thankful, for the reduction in the pain.

    I can say that the process of creating the protest sign, having an outlet for expressing deep emotions/ taking direct action on a issue I care deeply about, did have a remarkable therapeutic effect.

    I have also been doing stand up broad jumps in the living room since they are just fun to do and I have not done them since I was in grade school. Its really fun to these on the stairs.

    I wish resilience to all of us who are suffering with the pain which ebbs and flows like a
    voodo hex.
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  2. Eric "Herbie" Watson

    Eric "Herbie" Watson Beloved Grand Eagle

    Awesome Velo drew. This is an awesome story. You decided to take action and get involved in something that you had compassion about.
    That is a true way to get a healing. Go out and do what you want to do. No limits. Thanks so much for your story.
  3. Velo drew

    Velo drew New Member

    Thanks Eric for the positive words. I am very thankful to find such supportive people like yourself and this forum.
    Cheers to you. LONG LIVE THIS FORUM and I wish strength, support, and compassion to all who are struggling with the complications from TMS.

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  4. Eric "Herbie" Watson

    Eric "Herbie" Watson Beloved Grand Eagle

    Thank you Velo, We will be hearing more from you and your journey right? I love your passion.
    Bless you
  5. jazzhands

    jazzhands Peer Supporter

    Glad to hear it. Interesting idea about taking action about a political issue as a potential therapy.

    I like jumping, too. I like to jump and touch my ceiling every once in a while just to remind myself of how healthy my body is :)
  6. G.R.

    G.R. Well known member

    Congratulations!!!! Bravo!!!!

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