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Day 1 6 Years of youth

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by Caynisa, Apr 6, 2014.

  1. Caynisa

    Caynisa New Member

    Alright, I'm 22 year old girl who has experienced pain/numbness/tingling/fatique in arms/shoulders/hands, and general fatigue when I overuse them. It all started after a turbulent relationship, I remember being in front of my computer playing some videogame, while crying, and tensing all the muscles in my arms/shoulders in anger and frustration while looking at them. A little time after I was incredibly cold a night, couldnt sustain body temp, and I woke up with burning arms. and emotional numbness. The very first mentioned symptoms, I'm still having. I've encountered the ideas to be psychological from a family member, otherwise I've read/seen some stories online with the rsi/tms theories that I first thought to be a scam, but I've come to a point where I at times feel completely sure of its' origin (being mental), however I'm still working on being convinced. I'm reading Healing Back Pain, and just as much as I believe in the validity of tms applying to my case, I've always suffered from health/death-anxiety, yet I wish to explore the program and theories and I hope to overcome my fears, anger, bitterness and tms. I've before suffered from constant irritable bowel for many years, which dissolved pretty much after unintentionally confronting some fears, so I know the power of mind, back then I didn't see any solution to it and with my arms I'm still in the dark, hoping that I've glimpsed the light. I guess I'm still doubtful to the diagnosis of TMS, and I've always questioned whenever some treater would target the subconcious to play a mainrole, also suffering from death/health-anxiety have always made me have a belief of there being an indiscovered tumor etc, because I've always been waved off as "you're young and healthy" and not taken seriously.

    brief response to your feelings about the video:
    As European I can't help but to connotate a salesman to the American way of which the report was made, that being said, if the theories turns out to be true, I share the bitternes to how many psychologists, doctors etc who have buttered their bread proper on so many's behalves, while this is really the issue. So much anger to get at from my part, anyhow I guess I do feel slightly hopeful, the same way as the people in the video, "This is one of my last shots".

    What would a life without TMS mean to you?
    That's a big question. I could start the day without waking up in pain during the night, and it wouldnt be the first thing to think about upon awakening and last while falling asleep.
    Socially it would mean I could participate in many things that I'm usually too fatiqued to do, or to complete. Do sports as I used to. Perhaps finish an education without the complete invisible handicap that crippled me through high school, socially and educational, to furtherly educate and get myself a job, and boyfriend. Not having to decline things I really want to do. Do my hobbies without constantly thinking of pain, relax without pain, enjoy doing things people usually don't, just because I'm not in pain and because I Can.
    Write this without being in pain.

    Now I'm off to read some success stories.
  2. Walt Oleksy (RIP 2021)

    Walt Oleksy (RIP 2021) Beloved Grand Eagle

    Your post is very interesting, Caynisa.
    I think you can look forward to a life without pain if you accept 100 percent that your pain or anxiety is
    caused by TMS whether repressed emotions going back to childhood and/or your personality traits
    which may be, like mine and most others, perfectionism and wanting to be liked and approved by everyone
    all of the time.

    I think the forum on success stories can be very helpful and inspirational.

    You want a lot: education, job, boyfriend. But those are attainable, if you lighten up on yourself
    and work on each one of them. Don't pressure yourself to achieve your goals,
    and do distract yourself with hobbies you enjoy doing. Don't think of any pain, just keep busy and enjoy
    each day and every minute of it.

    Work on believing 100 percent that your symptoms are caused by TMS. If you withhold even 1 percent,
    your unconscious mind will keep up on the pain until you do.

    Try laughing. Watch funny movies or just pretend something is funny and laugh.
    Laughing relaxes us and sends healing endorphins through the body.
    It really works for me and has for many others.

    You're young and have discovered Dr. Sarno and his book Healing Back Pain.
    Practice his 12 Daily Reminders and maybe start the free Structured Education Program
    on TMSWiki.org.
  3. Caynisa

    Caynisa New Member

    Thanks Walt.
    I've had health-anxiety since very young age so even before having symptoms, it's been imprinted in me that something was indeed wrong, I'd love to accept and love the idea for it to be tms, it's just hard to fully believe.
    I definitely have some of the personality traits, infact I think most can reflect themselves in Sarno's book, so it does make sense.

    Those thing I consider luxury though, being able to have a good day without any of those, would be a dream in itself coming true, I'll keep on working on them though luxury is always nice.
    The thing is my hobbies include only my arms making it a difficult pattern to break, I'll keep on reminding myself however.
    Yesterday I went to swim 1000m, pilates 1 hour, bike for 1½ hour and today I woke up feeling it (which one should), however the pain changes throughout the hour - as of late I've gotten some stomach cramps, and some foot pain (both of which I havent Really had since right prior to arm-tms-outbreak, it's very interesting)
  4. Eric "Herbie" Watson

    Eric "Herbie" Watson Beloved Grand Eagle

    You know when it began and you can attach the mental triggers to the pain, this is very good and because you have evidence then you have a case. You will learn more about this as you learn from Alan Gordons Program ( The PPD TMS recovery program. ) Don't study there now that you are doing the SEP but make a note and when you have time check out some of the lessons there too ok. Your on day 1 so just be patient and go through the program at your own pace. The important part is you have begun. Now you can learn to recondition.

    If you're suffering from death and health anxiety then yes you have a full blown tms issue. See the thing in Tms is we teach you to think differently so you don't have to keep experiencing these defeating thoughts. WE show you lessons and styles to take away this anxiety. So the SEP is an awesome place to start, glad to have you here. Now you can heal, its time to stop worrying and start believing you will heal now ok. The Focus on the body is only defeating your plan. Just keep practicing psychological thoughts ok and make sure to think about your emtions too so you can learn to feel them again.

    You can have all the you mentioned above, its about getting control over your worries and stress, Your tension and tensive thoughts. Theres things you want to do and your mind-body isn't going to let you off the hook till you do those things you want to do with all of your heart.
    Bless You
  5. Caynisa

    Caynisa New Member

    Thanks Eric, the support means the world.
    First day has taken me a couple of days, still reading and thinking, def no need to rush as I want to get the thinking right as much as possible aye :)
    I got a ct-scan yesterday to rule out any uncertainties so I'm currently waiting for the results to furtherly enforce the tms probability.
    Others have gotten that exact control and gone through things similar, and I hope to be able to reach the same.

    *Catches the blessing* :p
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