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6 Year Anniversary of pain and symptoms

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by Wcs_Michfan, Mar 2, 2023.

  1. Wcs_Michfan

    Wcs_Michfan Newcomer

    Hello All,

    Long time lurker. I don't know where to begin. Been an athlete and in great physical shape most of my life. Never even had a doctor Then at the at age of 44 (I'm currently 50) - everything blew up instantly. Mine was a steady progression that started in my shoulder and spread throughout my entire body from there. Here's a list of just some of the symptoms:

    -Deep nerve pain body wide (neck, arms, legs, etc)
    -Body Wide Muscle Twitching constantly
    -Dead Legs - every morning when I wake up it feels like I've ran a marthaon - even though I have not. Just jelly like, stiff, painful, etc. Its very hard to walk.
    -sleep issues (diagnosed minor sleep apnea, hypnic jerks all the time)
    -Congestion in sinuses/ears - if I'm on a plane my ear drums feel like they'll burst. Doctors have noted fluid behind my ear drums but no reason why)
    -cracking popping of all joints and a feeling like my spine is stuck to my ribs.
    -Exercise intolerance
    -Sneeze all the time
    -dry skin on lower legs where the twitching and pain is most prevelent

    It just came out of nowhere and kept progressing throughout my body. After 3-4 years of chasing a diagnosis I finally gave up. I've been to Mayo and Stanford - they came up with central sensitisation, Fibro, Raynauds, etc. They thought small fiber neuropathy, but changed their mind. I've had LLMD's say its Lyme (Mayo and Stanford say no). Vitamin defencies don't show much. Anyway, it's really ruined my once prolific life. I've tried to adopt the TMS approach and just get on with my life, but the pain and other symptoms continue. I'm watching my finger twitch as I write this and just got back from a short walk that feels like I summitted Mt. Everest.

    Anyway, just curious if anyone had some thoughts on this possibly being TMS or not? Any help or thoughts would be appreciated.
  2. Cactusflower

    Cactusflower Well known member

    Hi @Wcs_Michfan
    Many of your symptoms can be tms.. or just normal physical “stuff”.
    Is your nerve pain really nerve pain, or is it tension? I have what feels like nerve pain at times but there is no medical reason for it..I’m just really ridged and stuff, common tms symptom. Spine being stuck to ribs feeling.. BREATH! Fight or flight can effect so much of the body.
    I have jerks and spasms -a result of that supreme tension! Don’t worry about them if the Dr. isn’t concerned. Totally benign. I call mine off gassing and laugh at the funny things my body does.
    Dry skin, popping, plugged ears.. normal common things people don’t stress out on. The body makes noise, ears plug on planes, skin can get dry.
    You sneeze, I cough. Anxiety - possibly a little acid reflux from anxiety. It can also affect my sleep. No big deal. I use that time for some ear plugs and a sweet yoga nidra meditation -I find a body scan with all the jerking relaxingly fun.
    you have had a lot of medical done, nothing really seems wrong.
    How do you feel emotionally about all of this? Have you read a book by Dr. Sarno? Taken a look at the two free programs here?
    These are all free (Library’s often have Sarno and there is free audio on youtube.. just swung out back pain for any of your symptoms). It just is an investment of your time.
    Good luck!
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  3. Wcs_Michfan

    Wcs_Michfan Newcomer

    Thanks for your thoughts. I actually have a difficult time walking however. Painful, numbness, dead legs, pre-cramping, etc. Maybe my brain knows that's what bothers me the most. Not sure. I'll look at those resources you provided - thank you.
  4. Ellen

    Ellen Beloved Grand Eagle

    There is much more to the TMS approach than getting on with life. Explore some of the resources on the site and you will see a range of strategies for addressing TMS.

    I had most of the diagnoses you list, but all symptoms went away when I treated them as TMS, though it took a while. You can read my Success Story on my profile page. I encourage you to read as many Success Stories as you can.

    You likely have TMS and can be symptom-free by doing the work. There is hope.
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  5. Wcs_Michfan

    Wcs_Michfan Newcomer

    Thanks for your encouragement - I appreciate it

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