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6 Months succes proces !

Discussion in 'Success Stories Subforum' started by Exxes, May 25, 2018.

  1. Exxes

    Exxes New Member

    Hey guys and gals, wanted to tell you that with your help, Sarno's legacy, and with the help of Nicole Sachs her journalspeak group I have TMS under control :D

    I will share you my proces in the hopes I can help someone else.


    -Back pain: 2x Hernia l4-l5, l6-s1 (left)
    -Sciatica (left)
    -Heavy antalgic gait (45 degrees bend forward/right)
    -Extreme hip pain
    -Unable to walk/bedridden because of extreme back pain and sciatica
    -Agorafobia and fear for the (constant) pain

    What I did:

    -Read and follow all 3 Sarno books about 5 times
    -Read and follow all Claire Weeks books
    -Read and follow Nicole Sachs's book
    -Watched every psychosomatic (sarno succes story) youtube video many times
    -Watched every Howard Schubiner youtube video
    -Watched every Nicole Sachs "journalspeak" youtube video
    -Started journaling/journalspeak daily 2-3 hours (a big book after 6 months)
    -Read in the structured education program daily
    -Read in the pain recovery program daily
    -Read this blogpost https://cynthiakuni.wordpress.com/tag/mind-body-syndrome/ (Mind Body Syndrome | Harp My Day)
    -Made a list of self affirmations
    -Learned self hypnosis to make sleeping easier and to empower Sarno's 12 daily reminders
    -Learned the 12 daily reminders by head as a mantra
    -Stopped al physical therapy & exercises
    -Stopped al medication
    -Read all the succes stories on the TMS wiki forum
    -Read all succes stories on http://www.thankyoudrsarno.org (Thank You, Dr. Sarno)
    -Read and practiced Tilopa's 6 nails: http://www.azquotes.com/author/23424-Tilopa (TOP 11 QUOTES BY TILOPA | A-Z Quotes)


    It's been a hectic 6 months, the pain was the only constant. My mood going up and down like my hope. I stuck to it and kept believing in Sarno's theories. I literally saw myself on every page though I doubted his sanity many times because of my medical background and the CT scans. Often the pain got a bit better, went outside to restart activity and got back an hour later with 10 times more pain. Had to practice outcome independence daily.

    I learned during those months that we are all emotional creatures and slowly unlearned to repress emotions (I learned I have so many ways to repress emotions .. sipping from tea, laughing, smoking, checking FB as soon as an emotion comes up etc.). I cried many many times (for the first time in 20 years), I know it's ok to cry now, we have a deep inner world.

    When true healing started occuring in the 5th month, after finally convincing my subconscious it's 100% TMS I stopped reading books and the Wiki forum/FB to focus on recovery. Still used the 12 reminders daily though.

    I was heavily conditioned by TMS because of "back" problems in the past. I had to relearn how to go outside, to sit, stand, bend, walk, use the stairs, sport, ride on a motorbike etc without the fear of pain. This was a though and painful proces which took about a month going out daily for an hour to 2 hours to ride on a bike or walk. When I started this pain/fear-deconditioning proces I used medication for the first time in 5 months: 0,25mg Alprazolam (Xanax) 3 times daily for 2 weeks. It's a low dose and I felt it really helped with the anxiety (TMS equivalent) and agorafobia, had no problem lowering the dose and stopping afterwards.

    I had to cope with several TMS equivalents which eventually all dissapeared after applying the TMS strategies:

    Tooth pain, tongue pain, severe panic attacks, insomnia, eye pain, itching, reflux, vertigo, migraine, heel spur, shoulder pain, yada yada you name it.

    As soon as my stubborn subconscious accepted the TMS concept and my huge amount of inner rage being repressed it took a small month until all pain was deconditioned. I still get TMS but it's not painful anymore, I feel the arteries constrict, think about what troubled me that day, maybe even do some sport to loose tension and it dissapears.

    I'm painfree for about 2 months now and also free from any fears. I walk upright again with a strong gait. I don't think about pain anymore, I have my normal life back and restarted all previous activity/sports and social interaction.

    I probably would of healed quicker when I took it more relaxed and didn't try so many things to obsessively try to heal. But being a perfectionist and seeing a way out of the misery it was hard not to get excited and plunge into the Sarno methods. I understand TMS will probably always be with me, but now that I know it's a warning signal from my body, that I should take time to reflect about my emotions, it's not that scary or painful anymore. I'm confident I can cope with it now.

    Thanks so many times for all your help and solid advice !!

    Also thanks to Dr. Sarno, rest in peace my friend. You don't know me but you saved my life with your hard work and epic observation/diagnosis skills.
    Last edited: May 25, 2018
  2. Andy Bayliss

    Andy Bayliss TMS Coach & Beloved Grand Eagle

    Thank you for the great report Exxes! The details are helpful, as well as your demonstration of persistence/experimentation to find what works. Yeah!!!
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  3. Jules

    Jules Well known member

    That’s fantastic!! I am hoping to be in the same position one day, soon. After going back and forth for years, I finally have a huge confirmation (from a medical doctor, no less) that most of my pain is due to tension. (TMS) It took many years and many doubts to finally get that confirmation 100%. Now that I have it, I know I can get obed TMS permanently.
  4. Purist

    Purist New Member

    Great post, Exxes! I really appreciate the time and energy spent in laying out the how-to's that brought you to healing. I'll be following something similar to get where you're at!

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