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2nd week but, 1st week following the 6 wk program

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by deborah a burns, Sep 3, 2012.

  1. deborah a burns

    deborah a burns Peer Supporter

    Well, all I can say is s***t!!! I've be doing my mantra which has worked all weekend. Today it's decided to move to my hip. So I continued to do my am exercises since I work a pm shift. I'm a little scared but, determined to repudiate the structure other than normal aging and continue with my day. If anyone has other mantras they use it would be much appreciated. I've been using be gone prince of darkness you have no power here and a lot of swearing and you can't trick me with your symptoms I'm much more clever than you. thanks for this site it's really had a huge impact on my life
  2. deborah a burns

    deborah a burns Peer Supporter

  3. Beach-Girl

    Beach-Girl Well known member

    Hi Deborah:

    You're doing great with your program and I think I know what might be hanging you up on posting. If you want to simply reply to a post, just start typing in the box underneath the post you're reading. If you want to quote someone, then hit the little reply button.

    Mantras. I think they need to change all the time depending on where you are. I like yours. But it has almost a poetic lilt to it. Is there a "prince of darkness" in your life you can point to? My main mantra when I'm feeling like I do now, is "My body is strong, this is something that is bothering me - what is it?" and then try and figure out what that might be. Mine may not be perfect as it's not working either at the moment. But when I'm really in pain I remind myself that this is a psychological issue, not a physical one.

    After I did the program, my pain shifted. I was stoked. But then I got distracted from the work (or any work) and the pain went back to its original spot. It's one day at a time, it's writing or yelling or whatever works. But trying to reprogram your brain after all this time is tough work. I know I am still struggling with old wrong thought patterns.

    Hang in there. Pain moving is a great sign although it may not feel like it.

  4. deborah a burns

    deborah a burns Peer Supporter

    Thanks for the imput BG especially the mantras!!!
  5. Forest

    Forest Beloved Grand Eagle

    This may comes as a surprise, but this is great news! It means that you have TMS on the run. Your unconscious has realized that you know your orignial symptom is just TMS, so it now has to find another symptom to distract you with. Recognize it has being TMS and something you can totally overcome. Once your symptoms start moving around, it means that you are close to overcoming TMS. It may sound odd, but use this as a confidence builder. Continue to gain knowledge on what is going on, and all of the symptoms fade away. Keep up the great work!
  6. deborah a burns

    deborah a burns Peer Supporter

    Yeah it's been moving around all right. I feel like I need to give myself a break. The fact that x2 weeks ago I was in the hospital, which was just a blur by the way) I'm hoping to stay off the ibuprofen. Thank you again. I have much gratitude for all the information from folks and from the readings!!!

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