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28 year old male with chronic heart pain

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by misterstas, Aug 21, 2021.

  1. misterstas

    misterstas Newcomer

    I'm a graduate of Sarno's trilogy as well as the structural educational program who defeated a bout of back pain years ago and then minor bouts after that.

    About six months ago, I started having heart pain.

    The "trigger" happened when I was having microwaved popcorn, which was becoming an eating habit.

    I also downed a container of margarine in a few days around that time.

    Then, my heart pain would get primarily exacerbated by eating salty food and lessened by walking.

    Here are other manipulated variables in the physical sphere:
    • I went back to a hardcore sleep schedule.
    • I drank coffee every other day and tea every other day.
    • I went out for a walk every other afternoon/evening instead of every other morning.
    Psychologically, I was in a country I didn't want to be in and not sure if I could move to my country of choice anytime soon.

    I'm a lonely perpetual traveler, and the pandemic hasn't been kind to me as I no longer have easy access to meetups, gyms, and so on.

    I have no social life except for phone calls, most of which lead to utter disappointment in my "friends".

    I've been depressed and anxious for years now.

    My passport practically expires next year, and I don't feel like going back home to renew it if I have to.

    Furthermore, I started working hardcore on my projects, with the primary project being controlled by my friend who is a huge bottleneck, so I was working a lot, but he wasn't uploading my work on time, rendering my efforts useless.

    I was also working every day instead of the usual every other day schedule I kept.

    Financially, I'm under the mercy of clients and how soon they can pay up.

    Since then, the things that changed is that I finally control the primary project, which is a good thing but more responsibility, and I also became a penny pincher as part of a financial mindset transformation.

    Otherwise, I'd say my heart pain is worse than ever, and it worsens regardless of what I'm doing, even if I'm walking.

    The worst aggravators are lying down on my left side or belly.

    While going to the doctor can possibly rule out physical abnormalities and help me overcome a potential TMS bout, I also feel like going to the doctor dignifies the physical abnormality possibility, making it a double edged sword.

    Besides, spending dozens of dollars on a potentially useless heart check doesn't go along with penny pinching, and I'm not excited about a doctor examining my body, especially abroad and during a pandemic.

    On a closing note, my family hasn't any history with heart problems as far as I know, including my parents in their sixties who are healthier than a kale shake.

    I did have gynecomastia surgery years ago to cosmetically remove excess breast tissue, and my heart hasn't felt the same since, but nothing to the extent I've been feeling recently.

    After the surgery, my heart started beating slightly harder, and I feel there is less skin between my heart and the outside of my chest.

    What do y'all have to say?
    Last edited: Aug 21, 2021
  2. FredAmir

    FredAmir Well known member

    Hey Misterstas,

    You've done a pretty good job analyzing yourself and your situation.

    I was getting heart pain for a while. All the tests were normal. It turned out to be my sphincter muscle relaxing too much and allowing stomach acid back up into the esophagus. So it was more of a digestive issue. What caused the relaxation of the sphincter muscle? Magnesium supplementation. Here's how I took care of my heart pain.
    Four Steps to Stop Acid Reflux (fredamir.com)

    Being 28, heart problems is very unlikely but good idea have a doctor at least take a listen.

    Take care,
  3. Cap'n Spanky

    Cap'n Spanky Well known member

    misterstas - Welcome!

    I agree that you've done a great job of analyzing your life situation. The stressors, depression, anxiety and isolation in your life could absolutely be triggers for TMS and even the heart pain.

    BUT....!!! ...

    please get yourself checked out by doctor!!! No one on a discussion forum is qualified to make a diagnosis and HEART PAIN IS NOT ANYTHING TO MESS AROUND WITH! Go to a doctor.

    Being a penny pincher is great. I'm a cheapskate myself. But when it comes to potentially serious health issues, it's time to spend a few bucks. Even Dr. Sarno advised everyone to get checked out by a physician first.
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