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23m and just finished Dr. Sarno's book

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by italiannmf24, Nov 21, 2016.

  1. italiannmf24

    italiannmf24 Newcomer

    Hello. I've had pretty bad upper back pain for roughly 6-8 years now and I'm only 23-years-old. There were times when it was gone for a whole year at a time (when I wasn't lifting weights or being really active) but I've recently decided that I simply cannot live with the pain anymore and that I need to get my life back.

    I want to lift weights again, I want to be active again, I want to be happy again. I finished Dr. Sarno's book and it definitely opened my eyes to TMS and the symptoms that are associated with it. My pain has moved around from my upper left side of my back (which is what normally hurts) to the upper right side of my back in the past couple days so that was a small revelation for me.

    I was hoping to hear some words of encouragement and advice on how to start documenting my emotions and keeping in check with them as time goes on as to get myself back together. I only really write down all of my negative emotions, but I think I will start journaling in order to make myself feel better and to sort of analyze my day-to-day experiences. Anyway, just thought I'd introduce myself! Thanks.

    Edit: So I read the book four days ago now and the reason my back pain was away for a year is because I went to the chiropractor for it, but the relief was temporary.
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  2. douggie

    douggie Peer Supporter

    Try the Structured Education Program - that's been helping me (29M with low back pain and RSI for past 4 yrs)
  3. brendan537

    brendan537 Peer Supporter

    22M with 4 years low back pain, neck,shoulders, RSI, fibromyalgia, sciatica, heart palpitations, legs pain, anxiety, depression, chest pain,knee pain, facial twitching and pain, scalp burning, thigh pain, every muscle and joint in my body.
  4. Colly

    Colly Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi there. You say you only ever write down your negative emotions, but don't feel that by doing that you will make yourself feel worse. Stirring up old sediment we often bury can feel a bit scary, but your body needs to process this stuff and writing about it will facilitate this. It's a bit like popping a painful spot - (apologies for the imagery) - the gunk is released and the spot is left looking inflamed and sore, but then heals much quicker.

    The same is said for painful emotions. My journalling is often very raw. Once I covered the sheet in the F word just to get anger, hurt and frustration out of my system. Write in your journal as if nobody will ever read it, so just go for it, even if the stuff coming up sounds a bit shocking. You will have many "ah ha" moments doing this type of journaling, believe me I did.

    As a nice compliment to this I have a second journal which I list 3 things I'm grateful for (before going to bed). Okay I've been a bit slack, but I still do this mentally as much as I can. Writing 3 things can be very soothing, as it heightens your awareness to the big and little things which happened in your day which would otherwise have gone unnoticed. It's very effective to do this before bedtime as it helps to soothe you and ease you into sleep.

    Do a search under Nicole Sachs on this forum and check her interview with Forest where she recommends raw journaling and it's powerful effects.

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