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Dr. Zafirides 13 Hours To Happiness: A Story Of Strength

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by Peter Zafirides, Jul 19, 2013.

  1. Peter Zafirides

    Peter Zafirides Physician

    Hi Everyone!

    This week on the show, I explain how a beautiful moment for me in therapy served as the inspiration for this week's podcast on courage and resilience. I discuss the incredible strength of the individuals I am privileged to treat and how their courage to face adversity - and triumph over it - continually inspires me to become not only a better doctor, but a better person. For that gift, I am eternally grateful.

    For those who have ever asked "How can you do psychiatry for a living??" Here's the answer...


    All of us matter and are important in ways we can't even conceive and never know.

    You matter. Period.

    Never doubt your strength...

    Dr. Z
  2. Eric "Herbie" Watson

    Eric "Herbie" Watson Beloved Grand Eagle

    wow Dr.Z, this was very inspirational starting off my Sunday morning
    How much does my emotional health have to do with me when it comes to seeing you as a patient
    and how strong I have to really be to have faith in myself with your direction
    Talking about the individuals strength and when they say without you I would have never made it
    ya know Dr.Z- I know we all know someone that has said that to us here at tmswiki and how we have the personality types
    as goodist and how we all will at some time or another go out of our way to help someone
    I get so excited to hear your enthusiasm each time I listen in to your podcast
    you are a humble person, a powerhouse of knowledge and your amazed at how folks determination to get better
    really is the turning point in there recovery stage to get better- it was my choice to believe I could do it that got me here......
    you've really helped me Dr.Z in so many of your podcast and I know if it wasn't from me taking the time to listen to your
    knowledge and hope it would be a hard , long road to recovery
    you talk about the will to get better and believing we can
    how we as individual while seeing our therapist or taking time to listen or just to read the post is really showing
    you how much we care for life, as you said were showing up for life- ive been on the giving and receiving end of this experience
    and to have someone say thank you eric, it has never ceased to give me a new found power in myself cause
    of my thoughts on how strong the listener really is- they have to take the time to comprehend and then go out and put
    their learnings into practice- it truly is amazing how powerful people with hope and determination really can be
    and the power of greatfulness and thankfulness that grows in our hearts when we hear those words
    (You saved my life)
    for a person with compassion and hope for the people, you sow hope and compassion into the people
    they still have to go and do the work and with just that short amount of time each year you get to spend with them-
    it shows how powerful your seed of compassion really is, and truly how powerful the individual is that decides
    to lift up their head and make a change, its really our choice to stop letting life get the better of us and start getting a better life full of joy and healing
    I know this is a podcast thanking us Dr. Z- ive been amazed at the miracles of determination to win ive seen here at tmswiki
    im also amazed at how huge a gift god has given you to plant that seed of hope in a person that otherwise might have given up
    your the best - God bless

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