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100 days after starting TMS approach

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by Anshushakti, Apr 23, 2016.

  1. Anshushakti

    Anshushakti New Member

    It has been almost 100days since is first read dr Sarno's book and started TMS approach for my LBP recovery. I am still not pain free but i have made a good progress. Still looking for getting better and my ultimate goal is to become 100% pain free. I am feeling proud not being a calendar watcher which i was afraid off.Hers is my progress

    1) My biggest worry was sitting at office which is no more worry now. Significantly unconditioned my mind from sitting and now i get very very less pain while sitting. I keep on sitting for 2 hrs without getting up from my place. My ultimate goal is to make sitting 100% comfortable

    2) Sitting at any place and any posture. This doesn't make my pain worse that means i can sit at any place ( soft sofa ) and at any posture without thinking of my pain. It doesn't make my pain worse ( unconditioned here again significantly)

    3) Lifting heavy weights in gym. After reading dr sarno's book i went to gym very next day and started with 5 Kgs. Now i lifet 27.5 Kgs without increase my pain level

    4) Playing cricket without bothering about my pain level. I still remember the first day when i went to play cricket and my pain got increased. I was a bit worried but folks in forum encouraged me ( Thanks to all) to continue. I didn't watch back and went to play cricket every weekend. Earlier i bowled 1 over. Now i bowl 4-5 overs without increasing my pain level

    5) I went on a holiday and enjoyed fullest without increase in pain level.

    Like this i have so many things to update but can't update everything. I want to emphasize that when i went to holiday, I barely felt pain.I did lots of water sports including Scuba without any pain. A 4 day trip was without pain and as i got back to work mild pain started again

    I know every one's healing is gonna be different But i can say every month i am better than previous month. Now i am reading dr Sarno's 2nd book "Mind Body Prescription". I feel a bit boring to repeat same content again and again but i still read thsi as i know the repeatition is very important.
  2. Andy Bayliss

    Andy Bayliss TMS Coach & Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi Anshushakti,

    I am very happy for your progress. I think it is important for people to read that you are 100 days in, doing well, but not perfect. Both aspects ---the "not perfect" and the "doing well," are important for us to read. You basically have your life back, just as I have mine back. Our world does not need to revolve around pain. This is the greatest gift, and greatest teaching of Dr. Sarno's work. Making this change takes patience and real work. Thank you.

    Andy B
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  3. TJuerg

    TJuerg New Member


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