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10 days into TMS approach...

Discussion in 'Success Stories Subforum' started by ckck4000, May 13, 2022.

  1. ckck4000

    ckck4000 Newcomer

    Hi all,

    Ten days ago I had just come off a 7-10 day phase of feeling completely without energy, without strength, without ability; and i was sleeping a lot more than what i would class as 'usual', even for me, an ME/CFS survivor. I was convinced it was anaemia. I was convinced a mind body approach, now, would not be the answer. I almost felt even less energy after a part of my mind was convinced there 'must be a medical explanation'. Quickly, i realised though, that I could feel my inner power slipping and regressing to resorting to conventional medical diagnoses and wanting someone else to give me a diagnosis so i could feel justified in how I was feeling and the symptoms coming up. Having been a proponent of the mind body approach for 8 years now, and priding myself and reflecting often on the benefits of taking power over my own health and changing things myself, from the inside using mind body techniques, a part of me, (good girl!) thought, hang on, I actually choose not to give my power away to more doctors and further diagnosis. Instead, i thought, okay, let's see if this is TMS. What IF this is simply TMS and I didn't recognise it? Or didn't want it to see it... who knows. And so I took the TMS approach. Let me tell you it's been a wonderful wow-inspiring week. every day for ten days i have walked; sometimes for 2 hours, and i have been consistently been able to do it; (having not done it for ten days previous); what's more, i feel more comfortable doing it, more energy and the previous 'symptoms' have disappeared (weakness, breathlessness, fatigue, confusion, fog, feeling totally out of it and totally not good...ann then worrying about it and feeling out of control. GONE.). I am stronger, faster, fitter and feel better. Just from a switch in my decisions. And resolve to do this. I have made moves in my life by constantly focusing on 'resuming a normal life' . I often ask (and this is the fun part i have been having) - what would normal look like, now? then doing it. very enlightening. very cool. And if a sensation arose - any anxiety, fatigue, or any doubts on my walks or any other undesirable sensation, i would remind myself, simply, as suggested by the sarno approach, i am fine. i am alright. i am safe. i am okay. and voila. it enabled me to live a more normal life, instantly. i must say i am quite delighted how quickly the results have shown themselves. it was almost instantaneous. and it continues to grow. my abilities have continued to grow. the feedback is undeniable evidence of progress. it is becoming fun. i have more confidence, now. i wanted to join the forum to share this, and feel a sense of community in this. To motivate me to keep going, and to keep believing. and to keep taking strides. That i am on the right track. And I have friends in the business of this! Honestly, I didnt know it could be so simple; fast and empowering. Hoorah. i didnt know it would dramatically increase the quality of my life in one day, one week, and counting. Friends, let us do this together!
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  2. hecate105

    hecate105 Beloved Grand Eagle

    It works! But don't get dismayed if shit happens... Cos it probably will.... Pain can arise, exhaustion, symptom imperatives.... But just have confidence in yourself and your innate wisdom....good luck!
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  3. ImGa

    ImGa New Member

    Could you please put ME/CFS in the title?
    Lots of us are looking for CFS testimonials and can hardly find any. That would be very helpful and motivating.
    Keep up the good work ‚úč
  4. JanAtheCPA

    JanAtheCPA Beloved Grand Eagle

    @ckck4000, let me know if you are willing to change the title of your thread per this request - I can do that if you can't (I have no idea anymore what a non-moderator can do or not do :rolleyes:) However, I added a couple of tags, @ImGa, that should help.

  5. ImGa

    ImGa New Member

    @JanAtheCPA thank you so much for the tags. That definitely helps a loooott!

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