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Day 8 1 week in

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by Recovery hope, Mar 23, 2020.

  1. Recovery hope

    Recovery hope Newcomer

    As I go through this program and learn more about tms and neural pathway pain I know I'm learning about myself. I relate so much to so many of these stories and I'm only at the beginning, but success can be at the end of my story too. I have learned a lot about myself through the journaling and my emotions, but I still struggle with the fear/worry and my anxiety. Will I be successful, am I doing it right? I'm trying let go of my fear and doubts, but its really hard.! I do feel I have been able to shift my perspective and as a result I have not let my pain and anxiety rule my life as much this past week and even felt better at times. Baby steps.
  2. glennherriott

    glennherriott New Member

    congrats on the baby steps. I feel the same as you about being successful in the program. I'm on day 26 and haven't seen much improvement. keep reminding myself that its a journey though and there aren't any quick fixes!

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