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“Positive” thinking vs social transformation

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by skhs, Feb 27, 2018.

  1. skhs

    skhs New Member

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  2. osca aelius

    osca aelius Peer Supporter

    Yes!! Absolutely yes. When some terrible unfortunate event is happening to us, and we talk about it to our friends or family, sometimes we get "positive thinking" advice. But sometimes life isnt happy, fun, and full of rainbow like in fiction movies, this is real life. Sometimes we get sad, sometimes we get frustrated, sometimes we get depressed and anxious, that are all normal and we have to feel the emotions fully instead of fighting it with positive thinking. Breaking up with you bf/gf, you are depressed and someone said positive thinking, you will get a better bf/gf. But its not about getting better bf/gf in the future, its about feeling the sadness emotions fully to let it go, you cant just be positive in any kind of events.

    This is related to when Dr. Sarno talk about people who get TMS arent those who cant cope with life difficulty/adversity, but its THOSE who cope too well, meaning they try to have positive thinking attitude all the time that they unconscously repress all kind of negative emotions.

    That isnt to say we should feel depressed all the time in our lifetime, it means to learn from past experience, to enjoy the sadness feelings rather than fighting it. If its too burdensome and you cant handle it by yourself, you can try to have a counseling with therapist/psychiatrist. My point is, you cant act with postive thinking attitude all the time, sometimes you need to feel the negative feelings to let it go. The reason many people negative feelings is staying so strong for such a long time isnt because they truly FEEL the emotions, but its because they keep trying to fight and get rid of these negative feelings that instead of the feelings go away, they stay so strong within. Society does a really good job to encourage us not to feel our negative feelings but instead to fight and make it go away every second of the day, and that leads to many mental illness and psychological problems.
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