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Érection dysfonctionnement

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by Simoel, Jul 31, 2016.

  1. Simoel

    Simoel Newcomer

    Hi everyone ,i hope to All of you a better life full with health and succes My name is Scott i am from France 27years old ,i am here to share with you my storie ,i am a porn addicted i watched All kind of movies ,vanilla,femdom,fetish,tranny...etc, i was Alawys looking for hot movies All the time, i had a lot of girl friend in my Life but i had sex with only two women older than me ,my first sex Time was so bad i wasnt able to make it , i say maybe its the first Time a lot of fear and anxiete ,after two week i did it but it was not that good i broke up with her because she complains all the time and she didnt alow me to do what everyone did in bed not even looking to her vagina,and she didnt know how to make me hot she complain All the Time ,after a few time i meet lila a beautiful lady older than me 40 years old,she was in vecation in my city she was a wow,i had great time i practise sex with her four Time ,i had great time,she leave to london ,in my room After i had All the Time strong erection without doing anything and after i meet the first women she told me that she loves me because i am nice guy and she invite me for dinner i try to sleep with her but i Failed because she pût me under a lot of pression and she was not that good as lila ,i decide that i have to stop watching porn and became a better men because of anger of faillure in bed again cause me a wirst pain i was unble to go to gym but at least i can swim,i need help and advices from you i am lost i dont know what to do but i want change and have family and be loyal to my wife and became a good father as well i want be a better men thats All and thankx
  2. Tennis Tom

    Tennis Tom Beloved Grand Eagle

    Given your situation, your wrist strain may have some structural elements of overuse, with an underlay and overlay of TMS--TMS is the volume control for the wrist pain of porn. Move to Utah, polygamy is legal there--you can have all the cake, crumpets and croissants you can afford to feed and house.

    Bonne nuit mon petit chou,
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  3. Simoel

    Simoel Newcomer

  4. Simoel

    Simoel Newcomer

    No its not causes by overuse its not only on One wirst but both of them ,i rest it for 2 month ,no healing i did physio and a lot of exercice ,i use a wirst brace too ,i dont care to my wirst what do you think about my erction probleme ,i am good with One and i am not with the other ,why???
  5. Tennis Tom

    Tennis Tom Beloved Grand Eagle

    You may want to consult with a naturopathic doctor to advise on adding salt-peter to your diet.

  6. Simoel

    Simoel Newcomer

    I wake up every day with good érection but with that women i dont know why its not working i have no feeling for her you understand i am healty and strong too i had a good siZe too ,i am here to talk about my probleme to find a solution
  7. plum

    plum Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hello Scott, porn is not sex and it is certainly not intimacy. Relationships need depth, time and commitment. True strength in a man is determined by how greatly and honourably he loves his woman. For her, He is a Hero.

    You are still young enough to be seduced by superficiality and a type of woman who has little for you. The older you get the more boring these encounters will become. The soul wants more.

    This is not a question of morality. Polyamory and such are lovely lifestyle choices when engaged in with like-minded people. But your post displays a conflict that at some point you will need to address.

    Your heart is wiser than your penis.
    Watch this talk.

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  8. Simoel

    Simoel Newcomer

    Thx for you answer i just need one last answer,what do you think of me,i am able to get married and have child i did a great sex time with lila but with kelly it was so bad,i know that its psychological conflit and nothing organique cause i had a great sex time i need someone to show me the right way cause i want change i deserf a better life i am a good son i live with my mother i work so hard to give to my family a better life,i want a wife who understand me and give me a HUgs and told me its gonna be ok in hard time,i need feeling i cant live with a women who i dont love and i am not able to make love with a lot of worry i hope you understand me,thanks you very much
  9. Tennis Tom

    Tennis Tom Beloved Grand Eagle

    I think you may have this confused with the Tinder dating site, this is the TMS Wiki having to do with psychosomatic emotional pain matters based on the TMS books of Dr. John Sarno. As to your question, getting married and having children is easy--not getting TMS from the process is the hard part.
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  10. Simoel

    Simoel Newcomer

    Tms doesnt cause dépression and erectile dysfonction i still suffer from wirst pain,tms its not about émotion ??
  11. Tennis Tom

    Tennis Tom Beloved Grand Eagle

    TMS is ALL about emotions--or lack of expression thereof. Depression is a TMS AFFECTIVE equivalent. E.D. is mostly in the head.
  12. Walt Oleksy

    Walt Oleksy Beloved Grand Eagle

    I've looked at some porn on the Internet but it turns me off. Mostly, it is boring.
  13. Secret Habit

    Secret Habit Peer Supporter

    Hi Simoel, do you still struggle with porn, and wrist pain?

    I may have some thoughts as someone who struggled with both at the same time, let me know

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