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New Program Day 3: Identifying the Source
Hi Paul, I suffered incredibly many, many years ago...with complete loss of balance, falling down unexpectedly, floors and ceilings spinning, the list goes on.
It felt like a nightmare, as i also had panic attacks and when the balance was so precarious, almost all of the time, it triggered panic immediately.
To get to the point, i saw ENT doctors way back then, was told it was vertigo and it would go...someday.
Years later, after i had been free of it, finally, after two years of living that way......it returned. This was after an incredibly stressful time and back then i
didn't know how to walk into those feelings and overcome. And so ~ i then saw an ENT doctor who was a wize elder gentleman, looked at my records from years before and said "You didn't have an inner ear infection" What was going on at your life at that time, may i ask? Well, i told him i had just given my baby to adoption, had married right afterwards to the father, travelled overseas and boom.....all balance was gone. And so began a hellish couple of years.
(short version ;-)
This doctor and i too, knew for certain that enormous stress and hidden and powerful emotions unattended to.....had manifested in the vertigo.
Also in panic.
In the last 3 years in debilitating pain, which i am so thrilled is dissipating, Bravo! I do understand how TMS works and i do still see how the pain arises, when the brain is threatened i am telling it to 'give up it's role of protecting me'. Not a straight line, this healing, for some of us. And it acts up when
i feel a danger in expressing all of what i feel, with very specific situations and people. And i'm a spiritual/pshychological counsellor, ha! But so what.
This gives me the compassion, understanding and ability to provide a 'safe' place for anyone i facilitate. Plus, i know this journey firsthand.
ah well, i didn't mean to go on this much! ;-)
That elder doctor said...years ago now, it was 1982 ~ that when i move through emotional problems that have kept me stuck, the balance in my body will return to where it is meant to be.

Wishing you the best and hopes for your speedy recovery...or however long it takes ;-) Trust trust trust xoxoxo