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Which is the best plan to progress re TMS
The programs are part of the problem. Once I get people away from them they tend to heal faster. I realize that some have been helped by them, they have a purpose. But as with anything balance is king. Tylenol may relieve some symptoms but you don't take the whole bottle.

It stems from the seeking of solutions from the outside. The program is intended to take you inside. Like a guru whose job is to take you to yourself not to himself. People rely on programs to save them and that's where they become the problem. If they are used as a tool to guide you then they serve a worthy purpose. People regularly contact me saying, "I did all the programs and they didn't work!!" This is also due to "readiness," no one heals until they are ready no matter how valuable the advice handed to them.

So as far as which program is best it's most often based on belief, not only in the program but also in the person behind the program. Each connects the individuals together which is the reason for the symptoms, the disconnect. The best program is the one you believe in, or connect with. It's not doing anything except what you believe it is. Most people don't believe in journaling so it doesn't work that often. But those who like it, believe in it and use it as a tool in the process benefit greatly.

The value in anything comes from you, there are many good paths to the end game, but you can't get to the right destination on the wrong path. So weed out the wrong ones first. The danger is in the TMSing, that is, trying many programs, or fixating on one. Remember why the TMS exists; to distract you.