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New symptoms: anyone have this
After a while, once you truly understand what tms is and you have created a healthy relationship with your body (ie. Not fear-based), you begin to see all manner of aches, pains, tingling, light-headedness and such for what they are. And what they are is nothing more than neurochemicals cruising through your nervous system.

The more you fret and freak out about it, the more intense is the sympathetic nervous systems response because as far as it knows there is some kind of threat out there. It doesn't know that this perceived threat is all in your mind and brain.

The whole point of tms healing is to overcome these mind-games by learning not to react in ways that trigger the fight-flight response. Every time you pay a visit to Dr. Google you scare the bejezzus out of yourself, you tell your body there is something to fear, you focus on this, the fear ramps and your nervous system goes out to lunch taking all good sense and reason with it.

The way to heal tms is:

1. Calm your sympathetic nervous system. Take your foot off the accelerator. Stop looking for trouble. Rest. Sleep. Eat nourishing foods. Exercise.

2. Take a gentle jolly through your past to clarify how and why you tend to live-on-your-nerves, get anxious (aka people-please), lose your rag so easily... Then you notice how this emotional reaction has a physiological correlate (eg. Heart racing, clenched fists), and then you observe how you respond to the situation that prompted this. Over time you'll begin to notice bad emotional habits. Kick these into the dust. Replace with peaceful, loving responses.

Some basic pointers:

*You don't need to dig endlessly through your past for "the big cause". Most likely there isn't one but rather lots of small things with the odd bloom of major stress.

*You don't need to shun all kinds of medical or alternative help. Most people here who have healed/are healing are pragmatic enough to take help when needed, decline when it is not. TMS'ers often need to learn personal responsibility especially for their bodies.

*Pain is created by the brain. This is why Sarno suggested not using physical treatments. Why treat the leg for pain when the pain is in the brain? Heal your brain. Become emotionally intelligent.

*and to pony up on the back of the above, nothing in tms writings tells you to treat your body like shit. There is no need to push, bully, abuse yourself. That is stupid. It is not healing. Care for your body. It is a sacred garment. Feed it well. Let it play outside. Give it lashings of pleasure. Soothe it when it is stressed. Let it sleep long and deeply.

*Give your mind hell. Google your shitty emotional states and learn to be a better person. Overcome self-pity, entitlement, arrogance, apathy, jadedness, aloofness, coldness etc.

*If you are genuinely concerned about a symptom, see your doctor. Let them give you their opinion. The vast majority of the time it will be stress-induced. You don't have to take the meds they prescribe. You have a choice based in part on what they tell you. A huge part of tms is getting in a lather over what-might-be-wrong. TMS'ers are feckin' masters of catastrophic thinking. Give it up. Embrace actuality. Save your imaginative gift for creating something beautiful.

As always, take what you want and leave the rest but as someone who has truly earned their tms spurs I can tell you that this post could save all newbies a lot of time and grief. Arguing over what is and what isn't tms is weirdly just another form of tms-ing. Clarity is exquisite and it is patiently waiting for you to stop arsing around and instead live your life.

Plum x